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Cal Slayton
Slayton at his drawing board in his home studio.
Born Arkansas
Nationality American
Area(s) Penciller, Inker, Writer
Notable works
Shades of Blue

Cal Slayton is an American comic book artist, sketch card artist, and designer.


Slayton grew up in Forrest City, Arkansas and now lives in Texas with his wife.[1] His most prominent work was on the indie comic book Shades of Blue published first by AMP Comics and then by Digital Webbing.[2] His work has also been seen in books such as (Super) Hero Happy Hour, Dead@17 Rough Cut, Digital Webbing Presents and Champion of Children. He's currently the artist for "Texas Zombie Wars". He has also done trading card work from many companies such as Topps, Upper Deck and Rittenhouse.[3]


After graduating college with a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration in 1992, Cal Slayton began working in the design as well as doing freelance design and illustration. His comic book debut was in 2000 with issue #3 of AMP Comic’s Shades of Blue. Writer/Creator James S. Harris asked him to take over the art duties after the departure of the original artist.

Shortly after, Cal wrote and illustrated the first story ever published by Digital Webbing in the anthology Digital Webbing Presents. The short was titled “Lost Child”, which followed a man search for a missing girl. He later published it in a mini-comic format through the creator-owned Hired Gun Comics [4]

Cal worked on the remaining AMP run of Shades of Blue, which ended with issue #10. He also drew all five issue of the book when Digital Webbing took over as publisher, as well as designing the new Shades of Blue logo.

In October 2002, Cal self-published the mini comic Spookytown under the creator-owned Hired Gun Comics.[4]

In 2003, Cal illustrated the Gail Simone-written back-up story "Part Time" for Geek Punk's Super Hero Happy Hour #4. Later that same year, he contributed artwork to the short "No Love" for Ghostwerks Comics' Champion of Children #2.

In 2004 he drew "Two Shots, Two Slugs" for Geek Punk's Hero Happy Hour Super Special.

In 2005, he contributed art to Dead@17 Rough Cut 2 published by Viper Comics.[5]

He designed the logo for the comic Hero Camp published by Image Comics.

He works on the comic book series "Texas Zombie Wars", a companion series to the upcoming film of the same name.

He is a frequent guest at the Dallas Comic Con.


Interior Art[edit]

AK Waters Production[edit]

  • Texas Zombie Wars #0-1

AMP Comics[edit]

  • Shades of Blue Volume 1 #3-10
  • Shades of Blue: The Collected Edition Volume One Trade Paperback

Digital Webbing[edit]

  • Digital Webbing Presents #1, #7
  • Shades of Blue Volume 2 #1-5
  • Shades of Blue: Volume One Trade Paperback

Geek Punk[edit]

Ghostwerks Comics[edit]

  • Champion of Children #2

Viper Comics[edit]

Hired Gun Comics[edit]

  • Spookytown #1 mini comic

Antihero Comics[edit]

  • Mine All Mine
  • One Night Stand

Angry Dog Press[edit]

  • Potlatch #7

Stumblebum Studios[edit]

  • It Came From Stumblebum

Cover and pin-ups[edit]

Dork Storm[edit]

  • PvP #5 (back cover)

Story Studios[edit]

  • Johnny Saturn Pinup Gallery (cover)

Geek Punk[edit]

  • Super Hero Happy Hour #2 (pin-up)
  • Super Hero Happy Hour Trade Paperback Vol. 1 (cover)

Image Comics[edit]

  • Dead@17 Afterbirth Trade Paperback (pin-up)
  • PvP: The Dork Ages Trade Paperback (pin-up)
  • Hero Camp #2 (pin-up)

Better Comics[edit]

  • Complex City: All in a Day's Work TPB (pin-up)

Half Ass Publishing[edit]

  • Some Big Lumberjack: Reign of the War Pig #1 (cover)

Ape Entertainment[edit]

  • Subculture #2 (pin-up)

Atomic Chimp Press[edit]

  • Hero Camp - Cool Kids Mini Trade (pin-up)

Alias Comics[edit]

  • OZF5: Gale Force #1 (pin-up)

Viper Comics[edit]

  • Karma Incorporated TPB #1 (pin-up)

Ronin Studios[edit]

  • Lutu: Warrior of the North #1 (pin-up)
  • Lutu: Warrior of the North #2 (pin-up)

Trading Card Resume[edit]

  • Dead@17 (5finity)
  • Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back (Topps)
  • P’ups (5finity)
  • The Pro (5finity)
  • Jim Mahfood's Mixtape (5finity)
  • Hack/Slash (5finity)
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars -Rise of the Bounty Hunters (Topps)
  • Domino Lady/The Spider (5finity)
  • Lady Death (5finity)
  • Bettie Page Private Collection (Versicolor)
  • Thor (Upper Deck)
  • Marvel Beginnings (Upper Deck)
  • Captain America (Upper Deck)
  • Avengers: Kree/Skrull War (Upper Deck)
  • Marvel Universe 2011 (Rittenhouse)
  • Star Wars: Galaxy 7 (Topps)
  • Grimm Fairy Tales (5finity)
  • Avengers Assemble (Upper Deck)
  • Red Sonja (Breygent)
  • Shi (5finity)
  • Vampirella (Breygent)
  • Marvel's Greatest Heroes (Rittenhouse)
  • John Carter Warlord of Mars (Breygent)
  • Marvel Beginnings II (Upper Deck)
  • The Walking Dead (Cryptozoic)
  • Marvel Premier (Upper Deck)
  • DC Comics New 52 (Cryptozoic)
  • Marvel Comics Bronze Age (Rittenhouse)
  • DC Comics Batman: The Legend (Cryptozoic)
  • ZenBox (Zenescope Entertainment)


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