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Phare de Calais
Calais Nord phare.JPG
Lighhouse located in the streets of Calais.
Calais Lighthouse is located in France
Calais Lighthouse
Location Calais, Nord pas de Calais
Coordinates 50°57′41″N 1°51′13″E / 50.961360°N 1.853622°E / 50.961360; 1.853622Coordinates: 50°57′41″N 1°51′13″E / 50.961360°N 1.853622°E / 50.961360; 1.853622
Year first constructed 1848
Automated 1987
Construction masonry tower
Tower shape octagonal tower
Height 55 m (180 ft)
Focal height 59.8 m (196 ft)
Current lens Halogen 250 MM Rotating
Range 23.5 nautical miles (43.5 km)
Characteristic Fl (4) W 15s.
Admiralty number A1144
NGA number 8904
ARLHS number FRA-004[1]
Heritage monument historique classé Edit this on Wikidata

Calais Lighthouse (French: Phare de Calais) is located in Calais in Nord-Pas-de-Calais. The Lighthouse is located in the residential streets near the Port of Calais and is a significant landmark as well as a navigational aid to ships and ferries using the Straits of Dover.


There was a beacon at the summit of the watchtower from 1818. King Louis-Philippe in his plans to improve French ports decided the construction of a first-class lighthouse in Calais. This lighthouse started operating in 1848 and was electrified in 1883. After escaping the destruction of the Second World War it was automated in 1987.[2] The Calais lighthouse is now classified as a Monument historique since 19/05/2011 in France.[3]


The lighthouse is 53m high, its tower is octagonal outside and round inside with walls 1,90m at the base and 1,50m at the summit. The foundations descend 7,40m under the cellars. The staircase has 271 steps leading up to the lantern. The central light of the lighthouse is permanent and the lantern, whose panels shut off the light, turns around the light, giving 4 flashes of 2/10th of a second every 15 seconds.[4]

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