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Qala Marka
La Fiesta in Calamarca
La Fiesta in Calamarca
Calamarca is located in Bolivia
Location within Bolivia
Coordinates: 16°54′23″S 68°06′55″W / 16.90639°S 68.11528°W / -16.90639; -68.11528Coordinates: 16°54′23″S 68°06′55″W / 16.90639°S 68.11528°W / -16.90639; -68.11528
Country  Bolivia
Department La Paz Department
Province Aroma Province
Municipality Calamarca Municipality
Population (2001)
 • Total 943
Time zone -4 (UTC-4)
Climate ET

Calamarca (Hispanicized spelling) or Qala Marka[1] (Aymara qala stone, marka village, town, place, land, "place of stone") is a town in the La Paz Department in Bolivia. It is the seat of Calamarca Municipality, the fourth municipal section of Aroma Province. It lies on the Altiplano on the east side of the main road between La Paz and Patacamaya, about 60 km south of La Paz.[2]

Calamarca has a late 16th-century church with a silver altar worked in a rococo style, and two rococo altar pieces. It also contains colonial paintings.[2]

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