Calauit Island

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Calauit Island
Calauit Island Safari 2.jpg
Calauit Island Safari park
Calauit Island is located in Philippines
Calauit Island
Calauit Island
Location within the Philippines
Coordinates 12°18′4″N 119°53′56″E / 12.30111°N 119.89889°E / 12.30111; 119.89889Coordinates: 12°18′4″N 119°53′56″E / 12.30111°N 119.89889°E / 12.30111; 119.89889
Archipelago Calamian Group of Islands
Adjacent bodies of water
Province Palawan
Municipality Busuanga

Calauit Island is an island of the Calamian Archipelago, just off the north-western coast of Busuanga Island. It is part of the municipality of Busuanga in the province of Palawan, Philippines. The entire island was declared as a wildlife sanctuary and game preserve in 1977,[1] now is a tourist attraction known as Calauit Safari Park.

The wild animals were imported from Africa in the 1970s to save them from extinction. The imported animals include 20 giraffes, dozens of zebra and antelopes. Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos ordered the locals to move to Halsey Island and ordered to clear the bamboo forests to make the place similar to the savannahs of Kenya. Today, the African animals continue to roam around the island and the number of animals is increasing.[2]

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