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Map of extension showing position of Calaveras BART

Calaveras is a planned at-grade Bay Area Rapid Transit station in downtown Milpitas, California, part of the Silicon Valley BART extension. It is the northernmost station site in Santa Clara County but will not be the first station built, due to funding issues. Instead, it is planned as an infill station. Service will be to Richmond, San Francisco and Santa Clara.[1]


In early 2010, construction began on a BART extension from Fremont station to Warm Springs station in the Warm Springs District in Fremont. This will be followed by the Phase I Berryessa Extension into eastern San Jose. Subsequently Phase II will be built to Santa Clara.

Calaveras station was originally intended to be part of the Phase I extension; however, funding could not be secured, and it is currently planned to be built as part of Phase II.[citation needed] This station will connect with the VTA and AC Transit buses. It will lie between Warm Springs and Milpitas.


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