Calcutta Stock Exchange

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Calcutta Stock Exchange
দি ক্যালকাটা স্টক এক্সচেঞ্জ
CSE Logo
Type Stock Exchange
Location Kolkata, India
Founded 1830, incorporated in 1908
Owner The Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited
Key people Bhaskar Sen(Chairman)
Subrato Das Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Currency Indian rupee ()
No. of listings 2,700~
Market cap 1,40,141 Crores (2009)
Indices CSE 40

Calcutta Stock Exchange, also abbreviated to CSE, (Bengali: দি ক্যালকাটা স্টক এক্সচেঞ্জ di kyalkata stôk ekschenj) located at the Lyons Range, Kolkata, India, is the oldest stock exchange in South Asia. It was incorporated in 1908 and is the second largest bourse in India.[1] The Calcutta Stock Exchange has been asked to exit by SEBI but the matter is Subjudice before Calcutta High Court and the other 13 regional stock exchanges have closed in the last three years under the exit policy of Sebi, including Bangalore, Hyderabad and Madras Stock Exchanges[2]


In 1830, the bourse activities in Kolkata were conducted under a neem tree.[3] The earliest record of dealings in securities in India is the British East India Company’s loan securities. In 1908, the stock exchange was incorporated and consisted of 150 members. The present building at the Lyons Range was constructed in 1928. The Calcutta Stock Exchange Ltd was granted permanent recognition by the Government of India with effect from April 14, 1980, under the relevant provisions of the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956. The Calcutta Stock Exchange followed the familiar outcry system for stock trading until 1997, when it was replaced by an electronic (eTrading) system known as C-STAR (CSE Screen Based Trading And Reporting).[4] The full form of CSE is Calcutta Stock Exchange.

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has made a strategic investment in Calcutta Stock Exchange, acquiring 5% of its shares.[5]

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