Caldas das Taipas

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Caldas das Taipas
Ara de Trajano
Ara de Trajano
Flag of Caldas das Taipas
Coat of arms of Caldas das Taipas
Coat of arms
Caldas das Taipas is located in Portugal
Caldas das Taipas
Caldas das Taipas
Coordinates: 41°29′10″N 8°20′53″W / 41.486°N 8.348°W / 41.486; -8.348Coordinates: 41°29′10″N 8°20′53″W / 41.486°N 8.348°W / 41.486; -8.348
Intermunic. comm.Ave
 • Total2.69 km2 (1.04 sq mi)
 • Total5,723
 • Density2,100/km2 (5,500/sq mi)
PatronSaint Thomas

Caldas das Taipas (officially: Caldelas) is a civil parish in the municipality of Guimarães, Portugal.[1] The population in 2011 was 5,723,[2] in an area of 2.69 km².[3] Town status received 1940-06-19.

During the Roman Era there were some testimonies, like the Ara de Trajano, with inscriptions to the emperor. Several vestiges of that time were found in the place where the first bathhouse was installed, which later became what is now known as the Old Baths.

The discovery of new water sources and the need to construct new facilities for the hot springs determined the location of what is now known as the New Baths. After a period of interregnum, the thermal baths resumed their operation in the 1980s and have since been developing technical improvements, with the aim of extending the services. In addition to the thermal baths, there is a camping complex, a complex of swimming pools and a natural park that margins the Ave River.

The town has experienced great growth both in terms of the resident population and in terms of urban agglomeration. This growth is explained by the appearance of the cutlery industry and the proximity to two important cities - Braga and Guimarães and the improvement of access to these cities. The uncontrolled growth led to situations of rupture and the road connection to Guimarães is made with some difficulty, due to the high traffic that is registered along that route.


  • Banda Musical de Caldas das Taipas (Musical Band of Caldas das Taipas)
  • Clube Caçadores das Taipas (Hunters of Taipas Club)
  • Centro de Actividades Recreativas Taipense (Center of Recreative Activities Taipense)
  • Rotary Club de Caldas das Taipas (Rotary Club of Caldas das Taipas)
  • Centro Social Pe. Manuel Joaquim de Sousa (Social Center Pe. Manuel Joaquim de Sousa)
  • Clube de Ténis (Tennis Club)
  • Clube de Ténis de Mesa (Table Tennis Club)
  • Clube de Caça do Vale do Ave (Hunting Club of Ave Valley)
  • Clube de Pesca (Fishing Club)
  • CNE - Agrupamento 666 de Caldas das Taipas
  • Associação Humanitária dos Bombeiros Voluntários de Caldas das Taipas (Humanitarian Association of Voluntary Firefighters of Caldas das Taipas)
  • Movimento Artístico das Taipas - Associação Cultural (Artistic Movement of Taipas - Cultural Association)


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