Caldillo de congrio

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Caldillo de congrio
Caldillo de congrio.jpg
Caldillo de congrio served in a paila
Type Soup
Place of origin Chile
Main ingredients Fish heads (congrio colorado), onion, garlic, coriander, carrots, pepper, water, cream, tomatoes, potatoes
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Caldillo de congrio (Spanish for Cusk-eel stock) is a Chilean fish dish. The dish is made of congrio Dorado (pink cusk-eel) or Colorado (red cusk-eel),[1] a cusk-eel species common in the Chilean Sea.[2][3] The dish is made by boiling together fish heads, onion, garlic, coriander, carrots and pepper. Once these are boiled, only the stock is used. Onion and garlic are fried together with chopped tomatoes. The vegetables are mixed then with the stock, cream, boiled potatoes and marinated and boiled conger.

Chilean Literature Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda wrote an ode to Caldillo de congrio called Oda al Caldillo de Congrio. The Communist Party of Chile has a tradition of serving the Chilean press and media caldillo de congrio at an annual event at which important announcements are made regarding the current year.[4]

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