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Caldo may refer to:


  • Broth, whose Spanish name is caldo
  • Caldo de costilla ("rib broth"), served as breakfast in Colombia
  • Caldo de pollo, Latin American chicken soup
  • Caldo de queso, also known as Sonoran cheese soup, served in central Mexico and southwest United States
  • Caldo de siete mares ("seven seas soup"), also known as caldo de mariscos ("seafood soup"), commonly served in Mexico
  • Caldo verde, soup popularly served in Brazil and northern Portugal
  • Pira caldo, Paraguayan fish stew
  • Congee, rice porridge also known as arroz caldo (Spanish: caldo de arroz, "rice soup") in the Philippines
  • Guarapa, also known as caldo de cana ("cane juice")