Caldo gallego

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Caldo galego
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Alternative names Caldo; Galician broth
Type Soup
Place of origin Galicia (Spain)
Created by Traditional
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Cabbage or other greens, potatoes, white beans, fatty pork
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Caldo galego or simply caldo (in Galician), also known as caldo gallego (in Spanish), meaning literally Galician broth, is a traditional soup dish from Galicia.[1] It is similar to caldo verde, popular in neighboring Portugal.

Ingredients include repolo (cabbage), verzas (collard greens), grelos, or navizas (sweet turnip greens); potatoes; white beans; and unto (lard). Additionally it can contain fatty pork, chorizo, ham, or bacon (compango).

It is served hot as a starter, often as part of xantar (lunch), and sometimes dinner. Traditionally it was usually served in cuncas (earthen bowls).


Depending on the availability of seasonal ingredients there are several variations:

  • Caldo branco includes chickpeas and beans.
  • Caldo chirlo or vigueiro
  • Caldo de castañas uses chestnuts

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