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Caledonia Investments plc (LSECLDN) is a UK investment trust company based in London and is premium listed on the London Stock Exchange.


Caledonia is a self-managed investment trust. It takes significant holdings in listed equities, private companies and funds. Taking a long term investment approach, Caledonia Investments is a value investor with a global outlook. David Stewart is the chairman and Will Wyatt the chief executive.[1]


The company which became Caledonia Investments was incorporated in 1928 as the Foreign Railways Investment Trust Ltd.[2] It was acquired by the Cayzer family in 1951 to hold their diverse interests and was renamed Caledonia Investments Ltd.[2] In 1955 Caledonia acquired the Cayzer family's interest in the British & Commonwealth Shipping Co. Ltd, formed out of the merger of Clan Line (started by the Cayzer family in 1881) and Union-Castle Line.[3] In 1960 the company was listed on the London Stock Exchange and in 1981 their name was changed to Caledonia Investments PLC. After their holding in British & Commonwealth was sold in 1987, Caledonia Investments became a diversified trading and investment company,[2] which in turn was converted into a UK Investment trust company on 1 April 2003.[4] The Cayzer family collectively owns some 48.5% of the share capital of Caledonia Investments plc.[5]


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