Caledonian Amateur Football League

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Caledonian Amateur Football League
Country Scotland
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1983
Divisions 3
Number of teams 30
Level on pyramid N/A
Promotion to None
Relegation to None
Domestic cup(s) Scottish Amateur Cup
East of Scotland Cup
West of Scotland Cup
South of Scotland Cup
Current champions Doune Castle

The Caledonian Amateur Football League is a football (soccer) league competition for amateur clubs in Scotland. It was formed in 1983 as an attempt to improve facilities for amateur teams, with high standards being set for admittance to the competition. Since its formation, the teams competing within the league have been of a good standard, with clubs from the league winning the Scottish Amateur Cup on nine occasions, also providing four losing finalists.

Member clubs are concentrated in the West Central Belt of Scotland, although there is a club from the Isle of Bute, a club from Edinburgh, and a few clubs from Stirlingshire.

Like several other amateur leagues, it is a stand-alone association and is not currently part of Scotland's pyramid system.

League structure[edit]

The Caledonian AFL is split into two divisions, a Premier Division of 12 clubs and an 18-strong Division One (split into Division 1A and 1B). The following model is valid as of season 2014–15 :




Caledonian AFL Premier Division
12 clubs playing 22 games


Caledonian AFL Division One (A)
9 clubs playing 16 games

Caledonian AFL Division One (B)
9 clubs playing 16 games

Member clubs[edit]

The Caledonian AFL has thirty member clubs as of season 2014–15, listed below in their individual divisions :

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