Calf Island Military Reservation

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Calf Island Military Reservation
Part of Harbor Defenses of Boston
Hull, Massachusetts
"Three soldiers of the United States Army sit in place at a radar used by the 90th Coast Artillery in Casablanca, French - NARA - 531325.tif
SCR-268 radar in Casablanca, Morocco in WWII
Coordinates 41°20′27.78″N 70°53′46.07″W / 41.3410500°N 70.8961306°W / 41.3410500; -70.8961306
Type Coastal Defense
Site information
Owner Massachusetts
Controlled by Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area
Site history
Built 1941
Built by United States Army
In use 1941-1946
Battles/wars World War II

Calf Island Military Reservation was a World War II coastal defense site located on Calf Island in Hull, Massachusetts.


In 1920 there was a proposal to build a naval-type turret with two 16-inch guns on Great Brewster Island, but this was not implemented. Calf Island was also considered, but the battery was finally built (without a turret) as Fort Duvall.[1]

The Calf Island Military Reservation was built in 1941 on state land. It consisted of an early SCR-268 radar, searchlight station, and an observation post. It was returned to the state in 1946.[2]

The site today[edit]

The site today consists of the foundation of the observation tower.

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