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Calfee Design, headquartered in La Selva Beach, California, is a designer and manufacturer of carbon fiber bicycle frames.

Calfee was awarded overall "Best Road Bike" and "Best Off-Road Bike" at the 2006 North American Handmade Bike Show, where it displayed bamboo bikes that went into retail production in 2005. The bamboo frame started as a stunt in 1996.[1] Calfee Design also won best tandem award at the 2010 North American Handmade Bike Show with a carbon fiber 21 pound tandem Dragonfly bike.

Calfee Design manufactures a bamboo bicycle.[2] Craig Calfee started another business, Bamboosero, with the intention of providing employment opportunities in developing countries. Bamboosero [3] establishes frame building business by providing training, tools, supply chain, and technical support. Bamboosero acted as a customer by purchasing frames from the fledgling (primarily African) businesses in order to resell the bamboo frames in North Americans and Europe. Bamboosero is now closed as the builders started their own brands, such as Booomers [4], Boogali [5] and others.


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