Calgary-Northern Hills

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Calgary-Northern Hills
Alberta electoral district
CalgaryNorthernHills in Calgary.jpg
2010 boundaries
Provincial electoral district
LegislatureLegislative Assembly of Alberta
Jamie Kleinsteuber
New Democratic
District created2010
First contested2012
Last contested2015

Calgary-Northern Hills is a provincial electoral district in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The district was created in the 2010 boundary redistribution and is mandated to return a single member to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta using the first past the post voting system.


The electoral district was created in the 2010 Alberta boundary re-distribution. It was created from Calgary-Mackay which was split to make this district while the rest was merged with Calgary-Nose Hill to make Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill.

Boundary history[edit]

Electoral history[edit]

Members of the Legislative Assembly for
Calgary-Northern Hills
Assembly Years Member Party
See Calgary-Mackay 2004–2012
28th 2012–2015 Teresa Woo-Paw PC
29th 2015–2019 Jamie Kleinsteuber NDP
See Calgary-North East and Calgary-North 2019–

The predecessor district Calgary-Mackay returned Progressive Conservative candidates. The current incumbent is Jamie Kleinsteuber who was first elected in 2015 in the riding of Calgary-MacKay.

Legislature results[edit]

2012 general election[edit]

Alberta general election, 2012
Party Candidate Votes %
Progressive Conservative Teresa Woo-Paw 6,144 49.02%
Wildrose Prasad Panda 4,637 37.00%
Liberal Kirstin Morrell 1,058 8.44%
New Democratic Stephanie Westlund 694 5.54%

2015 general election[edit]

Alberta general election, 2015
Party Candidate Votes %
New Democratic Jamie Kleinsteuber 6,641 38.2
Progressive Conservative Teresa Woo-Paw 5,343 30.7
Wildrose Prasad Panda 4,392 25.3
Liberal Harry Lin 1,000 5.8
Total valid votes 17,376 100.0
Rejected, spoiled and declined 160
Turnout 17,536 46.1
Eligible voters 38,004
Source: Elections Alberta[1]

Senate nominee results[edit]

2012 Senate nominee election district results[edit]

Student vote results[edit]

2012 election[edit]

2012 Alberta Student Vote results
Affiliation Candidate Votes %
Progressive Conservative Teresa Woo-Paw %
Wildrose Prasad Panda
  Liberal Kirstin Morrell %
  NDP Stephanie Westlund %
Social Credit %
Total ' 100%


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