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Calgary Centre was a provincial electoral district in Alberta, Canada.

The district has existed in two incarnations the first from 1913 to 1917 and the second from 1959 to 1967.

This district was first created during a brief period when the Calgary riding was split three ways. The other two districts were Calgary South and Calgary North.

The second incarnation was during the redistribution of 1959 when Alberta moved from Single Transferable Vote to First Past the Post.

The riding was last used in 1967 when this and Calgary Victoria Park were split between Calgary-Buffalo, Calgary-Mountain View, Calgary-Bow, Calgary-Millican and Calgary-North Hill

The riding covered the Downtown core.

1959 Redistribution[edit]

The historic 1959 redistribution of the provincial ridings of Calgary and Edmonton marked the transition back to First Past the Post. From 1926 to 1959 Calgary and Edmonton, elected members with Single Transferable Vote. The rest of the province had an option of how to count ballots to elect members in single seat ridings.

The redistribution created seven ridings in Calgary, two of those still exist today. Calgary and Edmonton were becoming too large to be a single riding.

The other six ridings were Calgary Bowness, Calgary West, Calgary Glenmore, Calgary North, Calgary North East, Calgary South East.

Results 1913 to 1917 and 1959 to 1967[edit]

1959 - 1967[edit]

1967 Results 1963 Results 1959 Results
Affiliation Candidate Votes % Affiliation Candidate Votes % Affiliation Candidate Votes %
  Social Credit Fred Colborne 3,873 40.85%     Social Credit Fred Colborne 4,395 61.63%     Social Credit Fred Colborne 4,824 54.89%
  Progressive Conservative Chuck Cook 3,359 35.43% Liberal E. Virgil Anderson 1,878 26.34% Progressive Conservative Runo Berglund 2,642 30.06%
  Liberal John Starchuk 1,275 13.45% N.D.P. Melba Cochlan 757 10.62% Liberal Gordon Arnell 1,154 13.13%
  N.D.P. Margaret Hanley 973 10.27% Communist Dave Raichman 101 1.41% N.D.P. Grant McHardy 349 1.92%

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