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Calgary International Film Festival
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Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Founded September 2000

The Calgary International Film Festival (Calgary Film) is a film festival held annually in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for twelve days in late September and early October. The Festival's mission is “to entertain and engage audiences by curating the most innovative and compelling films, and creating remarkable festival experiences.”[1]

The festival began in 2000 with a screening of the locally produced film Waydowntown, and brought in an attendance of 8000 people over six days. [2] Growing steadily over the years, in 2016 the festival welcomed 36,693 people to 211 films, shorts, and other industry events.[3] Calgary Film celebrated its 18th edition, from September 20 to October 1, 2017 and welcomed over 40,000 people.[4][5] This year, the Festival will run from September 19 to September 30 2018, and will select from over 2000 submissions.[6]

Festival Venues[edit]

As of September 2016, Calgary International Film Festival films were screened at the following venues in Calgary.

Most are located in the downtown core, with several others in nearby neighbourhoods:


As is typical with film festivals, there are a number of different categories of films screened, with the films being grouped into series by genre or country of production. These are: Galas, Headliners, Canadian Cinema, New American Cinema, World, Documentaries, Late Shows (horror/sci-fi/thrillers), Music on Screen, Alberta Scene (focusing specifically on Alberta-made productions), and Short Films.

In 2016, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences named the festival as an Oscar qualifier for short films. This means that the winner of the "Best of Shorts" award is eligible to be considered for an Academy Award.[7]

The festival places strong importance on local Albertan filmmakers, and much of its content is curated from the province. New in 2016, the Alberta Scene series includes an event titled Showcase Alberta: in 2016, this was a screening of the 10th-season premiere of the CBC hit drama series Heartland. Hundreds of fans from all over the world visited Calgary for the event.[8] In 2017, the festival did a Q&A with the cast and creator of the Alberta filmed show Wynonna Earp.[9][10]

Other Events[edit]

In addition to hosting the Film Festival in the fall, Calgary Film holds a monthly documentary series in partnership with Hot Docs from November to April called Doc Soup. The series screens one popular documentary per month, and is currently on its tenth season.[11]

The Calgary International Film Festival holds Q&A sessions, as well as opportunities to meet the film creators, in addition to the regular film screenings.[12]

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