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Calgary Jr "B"

The Calgary Junior Hockey League is a Junior "B" ice hockey league based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is sanctioned by Hockey Canada, and operated by Hockey Calgary. Founded in 1945, the CJHL is one of the oldest hockey leagues operating in Alberta.

The league champion earns a berth in the Alberta Provincial Junior B Hockey Championship, with a chance to participate in the Western Canadian championship, the Keystone Cup.

The 2006-07 champions are the NWCAA Bruins.

League Organization[edit]

The modern CJHL is governed by the by-laws of the Minor Hockey Association of Calgary which stipulates that each of Calgary's four community hockey associations operate at least one team. Presently, each association operates two teams that play a 35 game season. In the past, teams from the Calgary area have also participated in the league. Both the Okotoks Oilers and the High River Flyers of the Heritage Junior B Hockey League were originally members of the CJHL.

Team 2006-07 Record Finish
Calgary Buffalo Hockey Association
CBHA Blackhawks 13-15-7 6
CBHA Rangers 9-21-5 7
North East Athletic Association
NEAA Blazers 5-29-1 8
NEAA Canucks 15-14-6 5
North West Calgary Athletic Association
NWCAA Bruins 26-4-5 1
NWCAA Stampeders 19-11-5 3
South West Athletic Association
SWAA Royal Blue 22-8-5 2
SWAA Royal Gold 17-15-3 4

Recent history[edit]

The CJHL gained national attention in October 2006 following a violent brawl which occurred in the hallway of a Calgary arena following a game between the NWCAA Bruins and the NEAA Canucks. A linesman attempting to break up an off ice scuffle NOT involving the NWCAA Bruins was allegedly knocked unconscious by a kick to the head in the melee which involved players, coaches and fans/parents. [1] [2] As a result of a police investigation, Robert Simard, 21, of Calgary was charged with one count of assault for allegedly kicking linesman Rory McCuaig in the head. Simard and one other player involved in the brawl were given two year suspensions from playing in the league, ending their junior careers, and carrying over to any league sanctioned by Hockey Alberta. One parent was given a ban from all Hockey Calgary sanctioned arenas. [3]


Alberta provincial champions listed in bold

  • 2015 - Calgary Royal Gold
  • 2014 - Calgary Royal Gold
  • 2013 - Calgary Rangers
  • 2012 - Calgary Royals Blue
  • 2011 - Calgary Blazers
  • 2010 - Calgary Royal Blue
  • 2009 - Calgary Royal Blue
  • 2008 -
  • 2007 - NWCAA Bruins
  • 2006 - NWCAA Stampeders
  • 2005 - NWCAA Stampeders
  • 2004 - NWCAA Stampeders
  • 2003 - SWAA Royal Gold
  • 2002 - SWAA Royal Gold
  • 2001 - SWAA Royal Blue
  • 2000 - SWAA Royal Gold
  • 1999 - SWAA Royal Gold
  • 1998 - NWCAA Bruins
  • 1997 - NWCAA Stampeders
  • 1996 - SWAA Royal Blue
  • 1995 - SWAA Royal Blue
  • 1994 - SWAA Royals
  • 1993 -
  • 1992 -
  • 1991 - NWCAA Bruins
  • 1990 - NWCAA Bruins
  • 1989 - CBHA Rangers
  • 1988 - NWCAA Bruins
  • 1987 - NWCAA Bruins1

1Also won Keystone Cup awarded annual to the Western Canadian Junior B Champion. Team members of the 1987 NWCAA Bruins included Ken MacLean, Chris Tibbles, Terry Copot (Coach), Neil Houghton, Brendan Black, Craig Wheeler, Steve Jordan, Craig Coulombe, Scott Muzychka, Ross Rayment, Barry Faminoff, Dan Matley, Jeff Hegland, Brad Thompson (Asst. Coach), Otto Gentile, Doug Thubron, John Irvine, Sandy Quilty, Blaine Louis, Brent Willis and Scott Burrell.

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