Calgary Roller Derby Association

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Calgary Roller Derby Association
League logo
Metro area Calgary, Alberta
Country Canada
Founded 2006
Teams All-Stars (travel team)
B-52 Bellas
Cut-Throat Car Hops
Thrashin' Lassies
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Max Bell Arena
Triwood Arena
Affiliations WFTDA
Some of the Roller Derby Girls at the 2007 Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival

The Calgary Roller Derby Association (CRDA) is a not-for-profit women's flat-track roller derby league based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. CRDA is a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

History and structure[edit]

CRDA was originally formed as the Sandstone City Roller Girls in 2006, and restructed as the Calgary Roller Derby Association in, is skater-owned and skater-operated and is a non-profit organization.[1]

Currently, there are four teams within the league: The Cut-Throat Car Hops, the Thrashin' Lassies, the B-52 Bellas, and the All-Stars (travel team). The Hellion Rebellion were renamed the All-Stars in 2012. The Jane Deeres (travel B team) was defunct as of summer 2009. Each of these teams has a roster of approximately 15 skaters. There is also a Fresh Meat team of new skaters.

The league skates from April until September, at Triwood Arena, with charity and invitational scrimmages during the off-season. Skaters also frequently travel throughout the province to participate in invitational bouts.

The league was accepted into the Women's Flat Track Derby Association Apprentice Programme in January 2013.[2][3] CRDA achieved full member status in the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) in December 2013,[4] becoming the first full WFTDA member league in Alberta.[5]

WFTDA competition[edit]

Calgary first qualified for WFTDA Playoffs in 2016, entering the Division 2 tournament in Lansing, Michigan as the fifth seed.[6] At Lansing, Calgary upset higher-seeded Cincinnati Rollergirls,[7] Charm City Roller Girls (Baltimore)[8] and ultimately defeated the seventh-seeded Charlottesville Derby Dames 189-165 to take first place in the tournament.[9] The victory qualified Calgary for the Division 2 side of WFTDA Championships.[10] At Championships in Portland, Calgary lost their opening game against the Blue Ridge Rollergirls 225-183,[11] but then won a rematch against Charlottesville 252-197 to take third place in Division 2.[12]


Season Final ranking[13] Playoffs Championship
2014 58 WFTDA[14] DNQ DNQ
2015 62 WFTDA[15] DNQ DNQ
2016 42 WFTDA[16] 1 D2[9] 3 D2[12]

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