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Calhoun Square

Calhoun Square is an indoor shopping mall located in the Uptown district of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The retail mall recently went through a Summer 2015 remodel of its interior.[1]


The mall was built at the southeast corner of Hennepin Avenue and West Lake Street in the early 1980s. Neighborhood activists opposed to the project started the "Dump Updale" campaign. "Up" referred to Uptown; "dale" was a reference to suburban shopping malls in the Twin Cities whose names end in "dale" (e.g. Southdale Center, Ridgedale Center).[2]

The atrium-style indoor mall was built from a group of older buildings in an early 1980s style of redevelopment.[3] The building was finished in 1983, although parts of the building are older, including the Geanakoplos Building (1917).[3]

The musician Prince wrote a song titled "Calhoun Square", released on disc two of his "Crystal Ball" CD.[4]

Restaurants and retail[edit]

Famous Dave's, Uptown Cafeteria and Support Group, Jimmy John's, Chiang Mai Tai, Sushi Tango, and Aura.[5]

H&M opened on Friday, December 14, 2012, in their previously vacant two-story retail space.[6] Kitchen Window, Sox Appeal, BayStreet Shoes, GNC, Bremer Bank, CB2, and VisionWorks are among the Calhoun Square tenets.[7]

Coordinates: 44°56′51″N 93°17′50″W / 44.9474°N 93.2973°W / 44.9474; -93.2973[8]


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