Cali Tower

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Cali Tower
Torre de Cali 1.jpg
General information
Status Complete
Location Cali, Colombia
Coordinates 3°27′32.40″N 76°31′44.4″W / 3.4590000°N 76.529000°W / 3.4590000; -76.529000Coordinates: 3°27′32.40″N 76°31′44.4″W / 3.4590000°N 76.529000°W / 3.4590000; -76.529000
Construction started 1978
Completed 1984
Cost US$ 225 million
Antenna spire 211 m (692 ft)
Roof 183.5 m (602 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 46
Floor area 98.725 m²
Lifts/elevators 12
Design and construction
Architect Jaime Vélez
Developer Julián Echeverri cía.
Structural engineer Enrique Martínez Romero
Main contractor Reichmann International Co.

Torre de Cali ("Cali Tower") is a 46-story skyscraper in downtown Cali, Colombia. The tower has a full height of 211 metres if the communication masts atop are counted. However, roof height is 183.5 metres, making it the third tallest in Colombia after the 196-metre, 52-story "Torre Colpatria" and the 190-metre "Centro de Comercio Internacional" in downtown Bogotá.

Built in the early 1980s, the tower is built in the International Style. It currently houses a hotel and became a landmark building in the city, as it dominates the skyline.

Year Built Companies Location
1980-1983 Hotel Torre de Cali Cali, Colombia