Caliche sangriento

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Caliche sangriento
Mario vernal caliche.jpg
Mario Vernal
Directed by Helvio Soto
Written by Helvio Soto
Starring Hector Duvauchelle,
Jaime Vadell,
Jorge Yáñez,
Jorge Guerra (actor),
Patricia Guzman
Music by Tito Lederman
Release date
27 October 1969 (Chile)
Running time
120 minute
Language Spanish

Caliche sangriento (i.e. Bloody Nitrate) is a Chilean movie of 1969 and the first one directed by Helvio Soto. The plot takes place in 1879 through 1880 during the War of the Pacific, when Chile, Bolivia and Peru fought over control of the sodium nitrate deposits in the Atacama desert. The film decries the cruelty and absurdity of war and the disunity among the peoples of Latin America. The style of the movie has been compared to that of Western and Spaghetti western movies.


A group of 17 Chilean soldiers is marching through the baking hot desert, led by a captain who demands rigid discipline. One at a time, the men fall victim to the overwhelming drudgery and engagements with irregular troops.

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