California's 5th State Assembly district

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California's 5th State Assembly district
Map of the district
Current assemblymember Frank Bigelow (RO'Neals)
Registration 41.54% Republican
Demographics 66.95% White
2.03% Black
25.83% Latino
1.95% Asian
2.46% Native American
0.19% Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
0.35% other
0.25% remainder of multiracial
Population (2010)
 • Voting age
 • Citizen voting age
Registered voters 227,225

California's 5th State Assembly district is one of 80 California State Assembly districts. It is currently represented by Republican Frank Bigelow of O'Neals.

District profile[edit]

The district encompasses Gold Country and the central Sierra Nevada. The district also contains a slice of the Central Valley.

List of assemblymembers[edit]

Due to redistricting, the 5th district has been moved around different parts of the state. The current iteration resulted from the 2011 redistricting by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Assemblymember Party Years served
  Ernest C. Crowley Democratic 1932–1952
  Samuel R. Geddes Democratic 1952–1960
  Robert L. Leggett Democratic 1960–1962
  Pearce Young Democratic 1962–1966
  John F. Dunlap Democratic 1966–1974
  Eugene T. Gualco Democratic 1974–1978
  Jean Moorhead Duffy Republican 1978–1986
  Tim Leslie Republican 1986–1991
  B. T. Collins Republican 1991–1993
  Barbara Alby Republican 1993–1998
  Dave Cox Republican 1998–2004
  Roger Niello Republican 2004–2010
  Richard Pan Democratic 2010–2012
  Frank Bigelow Republican 2012–present

Election results[edit]


California State Assembly election, 2014
Primary election
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Frank Bigelow (incumbent) 67,924 99.9
Libertarian Patrick D. Hogan (write-in) 60 0.1
Total votes 67,984 100.0
General election
Republican Frank Bigelow (incumbent) 88,602 74.2
Libertarian Patrick D. Hogan 30,735 25.8
Total votes 119,337 100.0
Republican hold


California State Assembly election, 2012
Primary election
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Rico Oller 34,673 33.9
Republican Frank Bigelow 29,584 28.9
Democratic Tim (Timothy) K. Fitzgerald 18,138 17.7
Democratic Mark Boyd 13,583 13.3
No party preference Mark Belden 4,158 4.1
Republican Kevin Lancaster 2,151 2.1
Total votes 102,287 100.0
General election
Republican Frank Bigelow 82,293 52.3
Republican Rico Oller 75,071 47.7
Total votes 157,364 100.0
Republican win (new seat)

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