California's 30th State Assembly district

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California's 30th State Assembly district
Map of the district
Current assemblymember Anna Caballero (DSalinas)
Registration 50.84% Democratic
Demographics 25.05% White
1.84% Black
66.30% Latino
5.37% Asian
0.61% Native American
0.25% Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
0.20% other
0.38% remainder of multiracial
Population (2010)
 • Voting age
 • Citizen voting age
Registered voters 172,051

California's 30th State Assembly district is one of 80 California State Assembly districts. It is currently represented by Democrat Anna Caballero of Salinas.

District profile[edit]

The district encompasses the extreme southern San Francisco Bay Area, inland Monterey Bay Area, and parts of the northern Central Coast. The district is defined by major agricultural areas such as the Pajaro Valley and the Salinas Valley.

List of assemblymembers[edit]

Due to redistricting, the 30th district has been moved around different parts of the state. The current iteration resulted from the 2011 redistricting by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Assemblymember Party Years served
George McLaughlin Democratic 1900–1902
Abner McMahon Democratic 1902–1904
Francis McNamara Republican 1904–1906
James Wilson Republican 1906–1908
George Black Democratic 1908–1910
John E. Mullally Republican 1910–1912 (note: murdered January 14, 1912)
Edward Nolan Republican 1912–1914
Joseph Marron Progressive 1914–1916
Clarence Morris Republican 1916–1924
Robert Fry Republican 1924–1930
J.P. Hayes Republican 1930–1932
Frank Lee Crist Republican 1932–1934
H. Dewey Anderson Republican 1934–1936
Adron Beene Republican 1936–1938
Byrl Salsman Republican 1938–1942
Ralph M. Brown Democratic 1942–1961
John Veneman Republican 1962–1969
Clare Berryhill Republican 1969–1970
Ernest LaCoste Democratic 1970–1972
John Thurman Democratic 1972–1974
Kenneth L. Maddy Republican 1974–1978
Jim Costa Democratic 1978–1994
Brian Setencich Republican 1994–1996
Robert Prenter Republican 1996–1998
Dean Florez Democratic 1998–2002
Nicole Parra Democratic 2002–2008
Danny Gilmore Republican 2008–2010
David Valadao Republican 2010–2012
Luis Alejo Democratic 2012–2016
Anna Caballero Democratic 2016–present

Election results[edit]


California State Assembly election, 2014
Primary election
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Luis Alejo (incumbent) 25,441 58.9
Republican Mark Starritt 17,730 41.1
Total votes 43,171 100.0
General election
Democratic Luis Alejo (incumbent) 43,431 59.8
Republican Mark Starritt 29,187 40.2
Total votes 72,618 100.0
Democratic hold


California State Assembly election, 2012
Primary election
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Luis Alejo (incumbent) 29,136 58.7
Republican Rob Bernosky 20,462 41.3
Total votes 49,598 100.0
General election
Democratic Luis Alejo (incumbent) 79,141 65.4
Republican Rob Bernosky 41,932 34.6
Total votes 121,073 100.0
Democratic hold

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