California Bureau of Investigation

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California Bureau of Investigation
CA DOJ Bureau of Investigation Logo
CA DOJ Special Agent Badge
Abbreviation "BI," "CBI," or "BOI"
Agency overview
Formed February 17, 2012; 6 years ago (2012-02-17)
Annual budget $233 million (Division of Law Enforcement)
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction California, U.S.
Headquarters Sacramento, California

Division Director responsible
  • Kevin Gardner, Director, Division of Law Enforcement
Agency executive
  • Kent Shaw, Chief, Bureau of Investigation
Parent agency California Department of Justice Division of Law Enforcement

The California Bureau of Investigation ("CBI" or "BI") is a statewide criminal investigative bureau under the California Department of Justice, Division of Law Enforcement, administered by the Office of the State Attorney General that provides expert investigative services to assist local, state, tribal, and federal agencies in major criminal investigations ranging across the state.


Although often still referred to as "CBI", the BI formerly held the actual official name "California Bureau of Investigation"[1] as one of several investigative bureaus within the Division of Law Enforcement in the California Department of Justice. Although still essentially the same organization, the official name was changed to the Bureau of Investigation and Intelligence (BII)[2] in 2009, and then later merged with parts of the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement (BNE) to create the new Bureau of Investigation on February 17, 2012.[3] The BI commonly works on a variety of cases, including murder and narcotics trafficking.

Today the BI can be assigned at the discretion of the State Attorney General, performs investigations on public land for incidents that occur outside of local jurisdictions, or can be requested by local authority for various reasons (e.g. areas that are too small to have local detectives or cross-jurisdiction coordination of major crimes). The BI also manages several state-wide task forces and programs such as the anti-terrorism program and LA CLEAR, while also participating in federal task forces such as the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).

In fiction[edit]

A fictional version of the agency, still using the CBI name, was featured in the television series The Mentalist. It featured several units, with the one featuring the main characters focusing mostly on the investigation of homicides, and occasionally kidnappings or missing persons. The Region 1 DVD release of the fourth season of The Mentalist includes the special feature CBI: Behind the Badge, focusing on the interaction of real-life law enforcement officers in California, including some within the CBI, with those who tutored those who worked on the program in providing a realistic portrayal.[4]

The CBI was also referenced in one episode of the crime television series Numb3rs, where a CBI agent worked together with FBI.[5]


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