California Clam Chowder

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California Clam Chowder
California Clam Chowder.jpg
Studio album by Thelonious Monster
Released April 20, 2004
Recorded Lawnmower Studio, Pasadena
Label Lakeshore Records
Producer Thelonious Monster
Thelonious Monster chronology
Beautiful Mess
California Clam Chowder
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Robert Christgau A−[1]

California Clam Chowder is the fifth full-length album for Thelonious Monster. It was released in 2004, the band's first release since 1992. It is a collection of interpretations of some of the world's most influential, iconoclastic artists.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. The Gun Club Song
  2. The Bob Dylan Song
  3. The Joy Division Song
  4. The Germs Song
  5. The Curtis Mayfield Song
  6. The Jam Song
  7. The Rolling Stones '77 Song
  8. The Ramones Song
  9. The Bowie Low Song
  10. The Big Star Song
  11. The Iggy Stooge Song
  12. The Beck Song
  13. The Elton John Song
  14. The Thelonious Monster Song
  15. The Oasis Song


  • Bob Forrest — vocals
  • Dix Denney — guitar plus other strings
  • Dallas Don Burnet — bass, guitar, moog, piano, vocals
  • Pete Weiss — drums, percussion, guitar
  • Jon Sidel — guitar

Additional musicians:


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