California Girls (film)

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California Girls
Directed by Rick Wallace
Written by Charles Rosin
Starring Robby Benson
Martin Mull
Charles Rocket
Music by Mark Snow
Distributed by ABC
Release dates
March 24, 1985
Country United States
Language English

California Girls is an American television movie that aired on ABC on March 24, 1985.[1]


A Jersey City auto mechanic travels to California in search of his dream girl, the "California Girl", a girl he saw in cosmetics commercials. He meets the woman of his dreams and a Hollywood photographer who show him the good life of Los Angeles. The "dream girl" convinces him to follow his dreams and open his own garage with an inheritance from his father. However, their manager may have other plans and he sees that having his own business is not as hunky dory as believed as he is a great mechanic, but lacks the business acumen.

He is left high and dry as the business goes belly up, the manager skips town, and his girlfriend has a new beau thereby throwing him out on the street. Turns out, it is all a dream/nightmare and the mechanic has second thoughts about going to California after all, but is convinced by his bowling buddy to give it a shot. Upon arrival, he is shocked to learn that it is not much different that his hometown i.e. rude people, dreary weather, until he meets a nice, down to earth woman who is also there from New Jersey.



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