California Heaven

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California Heaven
California Heaven logo.png
Created by Stewart St. John & Todd Fisher
Written by Stewart St. John
Directed by Stewart St. John
Starring Kali Cook
Jacqueline Bradley
Bruce Blauer
Michael Myracle
Will Stanfill
Bram Hoover
Brianna Rose
Ciera Rose Allen
Maya Waterman
Jan Stewart
Tanya Gorlow
Ashley Keene
John Stanfill
Executive producer(s) Stewart St. John & Todd Fisher
Original network The SFN

California Heaven is the first scripted TV series produced for online audiences, making its debut on Monday, August 1, 2005. It subsequently moved to Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. Pacific Time, launching a new episode each week. The series was originally put into production while discussions with AOL acquiring the series were in process. Internal issues within AOL prevented the company from acquiring the show, but St. John-Fisher, the production company behind the series, continued shooting episodes on their own with a skeleton crew and not much budget. Production continued with most footage never aired.

California Heaven was created by Todd Fisher and Stewart St. John, a writer of such television shows as Disney Channel's Seventeen Again, The Incredible Hulk, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and Sabrina, the Animated Series. St. John and Fisher were also the Executive Producers of the internet series The Spot,[1] which their broadband production company relaunched in 2003 with a brand new cast and the first mobile soap for SPRINT.

In 2011, St. John-Fisher announced a new and completed version of California Heaven would launch as part of their entertainment network web site The SFN - The Online Network, beginning summer 2011. In June, 2012 the second season of the all-new California Heaven series premiered on The SFN.


California Heaven is a continuing supernatural drama series revolving around the wealthy and mysterious Corrigan family of Malibu Beach, owners of California Heaven & Surf, the largest swimwear and surf shop chain in the nation. The series also reflects a murder mystery when the main character (Heaven) comes to Malibu to investigate her mother's death and becomes the target of her eccentric family as they plot against her. In particular, brother and sister Dominic and KC scheme to drive Heaven out of Malibu, while their older brother James, blacksheep of the family, sides with his cousin while dealing with his alcoholic girlfriend who is secretly sleeping with his younger brother.

Original Main Cast[edit]

  • Ciera Rose Allen as Alicia Gabaldon
  • Bruce Blauer as James Corrigan
  • Jacqueline Bradley as Heaven Corrigan
  • Kali Cook as KC Corrigan
  • Tanya Gorlow as Nicolette Tibbets
  • Bram Hoover as Dominic Corrigan
  • Ashley Keene as Brooke Kinkaid
  • Brianna Rose as Lexy Corrigan
  • Michael Myracle as Virginia Corrigan
  • Will Stanfill as Christian Hutton
  • John Stanfill as Walt Hutton
  • Jan Stewart as Dottie Hutton
  • Maya Waterman as Rebecca Corrigan


  • Pamela Clay as Ruth Taylor
  • Brendan Gill as Fr. Michael Ramirez
  • Seher Awan as Raven Malick
  • Angelique Mermet as Olivia Hutton
  • Rick Hansen as Smiling Man
  • Porter Hansen as Angela Philastre
  • Original music by Stewart St. John
  • Executive Producers Stewart St. John & Todd Fisher
  • Written and Directed by Stewart St. John
  • Additional music by Travis Marsh


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