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California State Capitol, a California Historical Landmark.
Golden Capitol dome interior.
For more details on this topic, see List of California Historical Landmarks.

California Historical Landmarks (CHLs) are buildings, structures, sites, or places in the state of California that have been determined to have statewide historical landmark significance.


Historical significance is determined by meeting at least one of the criteria listed below:[1]

  1. Approved for designation by the County Board of Supervisors or the City/Town Council in whose jurisdiction it is located
  2. Be recommended by the California State Historical Resources Commission
  3. Be officially designated by the Director of California State Parks[1]

Other designations[edit]

California Historical Landmarks of #770 and above are automatically listed in the California Register of Historical Resources.

By contrast, a site, building, feature, or event that is of local (city or county) significance may be designated as a California Point of Historical Interest.[1]

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