California Historical Landmarks in Santa Barbara County

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List table of the properties and districts — listed on the California Historical Landmarks — within Santa Barbara County, California.

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Image [1] Landmark name Location City or town Summary
Burton Mound
306 Burton Mound 129 W. Mason St. at Burton Circle
34°24′40″N 119°41′32″W / 34.410983°N 119.6921°W / 34.410983; -119.6921 (Burton Mound)
Santa Barbara A second plaque is at 1000 Carpinteria Ave.
Carpinteria and Indian Village of Mishopshnow
535 Carpinteria and Indian Village of Mishopshnow Carpinteria Valley Museum of History, 950 Maple Ave
34°23′33″N 119°30′39″W / 34.39255°N 119.510917°W / 34.39255; -119.510917 (Carpinteria and Indian Village of Mishopshnow)
Carrillo Adobe
721 Carrillo Adobe 11 E Carrillo St.
34°25′19″N 119°42′06″W / 34.421944°N 119.701736°W / 34.421944; -119.701736 (Carrillo Adobe)
Santa Barbara Also on the NRHP list as NPS-86000778
Casa de la Guerra
307 Casa de la Guerra 808-818 State St., 813-819 Anacapa St., and 9-25 E. de la Guerra St.
34°25′13″N 119°41′57″W / 34.420278°N 119.699167°W / 34.420278; -119.699167 (Casa de la Guerra)
Santa Barbara Also on the NRHP list as NPS-77000346
Chapel of San Ramon
877 Chapel of San Ramon Tepusquet and Foxen Canyon Rds.
34°50′52″N 120°14′27″W / 34.847833°N 120.240917°W / 34.847833; -120.240917 (Chapel of San Ramon)
Santa Maria
Covarrubias Adobe
308 Covarrubias Adobe 715 N Santa Barbara St.
34°25′16″N 119°41′48″W / 34.421045°N 119.696726°W / 34.421045; -119.696726 (Covarrubias Adobe)
Santa Barbara
Gaviota Pass
248 Gaviota Pass U.S. Route 101
34°29′07″N 120°13′43″W / 34.485333°N 120.228533°W / 34.485333; -120.228533 (Gaviota Pass)
Hastings Adobe
559 Hastings Adobe 412 W Montecito St.
34°24′37″N 119°41′52″W / 34.4104083333333°N 119.6979°W / 34.4104083333333; -119.6979 (Hastings Adobe)
Santa Barbara Also called the Trussell-Winchester Adobe.[2]
Mission La Purisima Concepción
340 Mission La Purisima Concepción La Purisima Mission State Historic Park
34°40′14″N 120°25′15″W / 34.670683°N 120.420883°W / 34.670683; -120.420883 (Mission La Purisima Concepción)
Lompoc Also on the NRHP list as NPS-70000147
Lobero Theatre
361 Lobero Theatre 33 E Canon Perdido St.
34°25′18″N 119°42′00″W / 34.4216°N 119.6999°W / 34.4216; -119.6999 (Lobero Theatre)
Santa Barbara
Mission Santa Barbara
309 Mission Santa Barbara 2201 Laguna St.
34°26′18″N 119°42′50″W / 34.438333°N 119.713917°W / 34.438333; -119.713917 (Mission Santa Barbara)
Santa Barbara Also on the NRHP list as NPS-66000237
Mission Santa Inés
305 Mission Santa Inés 1760 Mission Dr.
34°35′40″N 120°08′12″W / 34.594489°N 120.136603°W / 34.594489; -120.136603 (Mission Santa Inés)
Presidio of Santa Barbara
636 Presidio of Santa Barbara El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park
34°25′21″N 119°41′50″W / 34.422567°N 119.6971°W / 34.422567; -119.6971 (Presidio of Santa Barbara)
Santa Barbara Also on the NRHP list as NPS-73000455
Santa Barbara County Courthouse
1037 Santa Barbara County Courthouse 1100 Anacapa St.
34°25′28″N 119°42′09″W / 34.42435°N 119.702461°W / 34.42435; -119.702461 (Santa Barbara County Courthouse)
Santa Barbara Also on the NRHP list as NPS-81000177
Site of original mission and remaining ruins of La Purisima Mission
928 Site of original mission and remaining ruins of La Purisima Mission 541 South F Street
34°37′53″N 120°27′19″W / 34.631504°N 120.45541°W / 34.631504; -120.45541 (Site of original mission and remaining ruins of La Purisima Mission)
Lompoc Ruin remains of first La Purisima Mission[3]
Well, Hill 4
582 Well, Hill 4 Unocal Corporation, Mission Hills District
34°42′58″N 120°24′33″W / 34.716075°N 120.409202777778°W / 34.716075; -120.409202777778 (Well, Hill 4)
Lompoc Plaque is behind gated facility.[4]

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