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The California Hydrogen Highway is a planned series of hydrogen refueling stations in California. These stations are used to refuel hydrogen vehicles such as fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen combustion vehicles.


The California Hydrogen Highway Network (CaH2Net) was initiated in April 2004 by Executive Order (EO) S-07-04 under Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger with the purpose of promoting hydrogen refueling stations in California.[1]

In September 2006, California Senate Bill 1505 required 33% of hydrogen to come from renewable energy,[2][3] and other initiatives followed.[4] As of 2007, 25 stations were in operation.[5] Some of these hydrogen fueling stations completed the terms of their government-funded research demonstration project and were decommissioned.[6] In 2012, there were 23 hydrogen fueling stations in California,[7] eight of which were publicly accessible.[8][9]

In 2013 Governor Brown signed AB 8, a bill to fund $20 million a year for up to 100 stations.[10][11] As of September 2017, there were 36 publicly accessible hydrogen fueling stations in California (and 4 elsewhere in the US).[12] According to CARB, "Assuming business-as-usual based on the funded network", about 45% of refueling hydrogen in California is projected to come from renewable sources, and "projected throughput of the 50 currently funded stations is less than 3.5 million kilograms per year.[13]

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