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California International Business University (CIBU) is a non-profit, provisionally accredited,[1] private university in San Diego, California, USA.[2] The university is located in the Little Italy section of downtown San Diego. CIBU was accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).[3] The university offers a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Master of Science in International Management (MSIM), and upper division classes leading to a Bachelor of Science in Management (BS).[4]

Accreditation status[edit]

California International Business University was formerly accredited by ACICS.[5][6]

ACICS lost its status as recognized accreditor on December 12, 2016.[7] The university is approved to receive Title IV funding under a provisional Program Participation Agreement for 18 months beginning December 12, 2016 while it is seeking a new accreditor.


California International Business University (CIBU) was founded in 1995 as International School of Management (ISM), a California Nonprofit corporation. In 2002, to reduce confusion with similarly-named institutions, ISM changed its name to The California School of International Management (CSIM). In 2008, due to accreditation and addition of the doctorate program, CSIM was changed to California International Business University.[citation needed]


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