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California Shuttle Bus at Powell Street station

California Shuttle Bus was a private bus company that provides daily bus services between Los Angeles and San Francisco, making one stop in San Jose. Founded in 2003, the company used 47-seat charter buses from MCI.[1]


The company launched its services in 2003.[2] The service was initially launched as a $40 one-way service between the Los Angeles area and the San Francisco Bay Area.[1][2]

In 2008, the company started offering $5 trips, but prices later increased to $25–40.[1][3] The advent of the $5 fares coincided with the cessation of Megabus service from LA to the Bay Area.[4] Megabus has since resumed service between the Bay Area and Los Angeles.


The company offered once-daily bus service between Los Angeles and San Francisco/San Jose areas comparable to Greyhound or Amtrak Thruway Motorcoach, the former its main competitor[5] Bus stops were located at major transit centers, hotels, and downtown areas.[6] In Northern California, major stops included Powell Street station in downtown San Francisco and San Jose Diridon station.[1] In Southern California, major stops were at Union Station, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and North Hollywood Metro station.[1]

It was called a "cheap alternative for students"; although originally envisioned to attract upmarket travelers from long waits at airports, it attracted mostly backpackers, senior citizens, business people, and bargain hunters.[2][7][8] Patrons could pay a higher fare to guarantee that their adjoining seat is empty for their comfort.[9] Similar to Megabus, California Shuttle Bus used a dynamic pricing model where prices started very low and gradually increased as tickets were sold. Prices generally started at $15. Assigned seating was added in 2013.[citation needed] The company suspended services in mid-2017.[10]


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