California State Treasurer election, 2010

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California State Treasurer election, 2010
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November 2, 2010 → 2014

  Bill-Lockyer.jpg Mimi Walters.jpg
Nominee Bill Lockyer Mimi Walters
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 5,423,219 3,473,543
Percentage 56.5% 36.2%


Treasurer before election

Bill Lockyer

Elected Treasurer

Bill Lockyer

The 2010 California Secretary of State election was held on November 2, 2010, to choose the State Treasurer of California. The primary election was held on June 8, 2010. Incumbent Bill Lockyer won reelection.


The following were certified by the California Secretary of State as candidates in the primary election for State Treasurer.[1][2] Candidates who won their respective primaries and qualified for the general election are shown in bold.

American Independent[edit]

  • Robert Lauten



  • Charles "Kit" Crittenden, retired professor


  • Edward Teyssier, business owner/attorney

Peace and Freedom[edit]

  • Debra L. Reiger, retired technology manager


Primary results[edit]

California State Treasurer primary, 2010
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Bill Lockyer (incumbent) 2,051,698 100.0
Republican Mimi Walters 1,761,188 100.0
American Independent Robert Lauten 39,688 100.0
Green Charles "Kit" Crittenden 20,927 100.0
Libertarian Edward Teyssier 18,037 100.0
Peace and Freedom Debra L. Reiger 3,853 100.0

General results[edit]

California State Treasurer election, 2010
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Bill Lockyer (incumbent) 5,423,219 56.5
Republican Mimi Walters 3,473,543 36.2
Green Charles "Kit" Crittenden 229,971 2.4
Libertarian Edward M. Teyssier 217,818 2.3
American Independent Robert Lauten 135,648 1.4
Peace and Freedom Debra L. Reiger 125,252 1.3
Valid ballots 9,605,451
Invalid or blank votes
Total votes ' 100.0
Voter turnout  %
Democratic hold


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