California Strawberry Commission

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California Strawberry Commission
Agency overview
Headquarters180 Westridge Dr.,
Suite 101
Watsonville, California
Agency executive
  • Rick Tomlinson, President
Parent agencyCalifornia Department of Food and Agriculture (for growers) (for consumers)

The California Strawberry Commission, is a state-chartered agency of the California Department of Food and Agriculture.[1] Established by the California State Legislature in 1993, the commission replaced the California Strawberry Advisory Board.[2] The commission represents nearly 600 strawberry shippers, processors and growers within the state of California. The commission is not funded by tax payers but by self-taxation or assessments on California strawberry growers. The amount assessed is approved annually by the commission board of directors.[3][4] This assessment pays for the commission’s activities and projects.

The current president is Rick Tomlinson. He replaces Mark Murai, a third generation strawberry farmer from Orange County, California.[5]

Activities and projects[edit]

The California Strawberry Commission focuses activities and projects in:

  • Public Policy
  • Trade Relations
  • Marketing Communications
  • Production and Nutrition Research
  • Grower Education and Outreach

Activities and projects are developed, approved and implemented under the authority of the commission’s board of directors.[2]

The CSC's predecessor organization, the Board, popularized the use of soil fumigation starting in 1967 and it has remained vital ever since.[6]


The California Strawberry Commission’s stated vision is to be “the unified voice for a healthy California strawberry industry.” Their mission is “to shape a favorable environment that allows stakeholders in the California strawberry industry the opportunity to succeed.”

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