California Trolley and Railroad Corporation

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California Trolley and Railroad Corporation
AT&SF locomotive #5, 16 August 2008
FoundedJuly 8, 1982 (1982-07-08)[1]
FounderRod Diridon, Sr.[1]
TypePublic-benefit corporation
94-2834764 (CA 501(c)(3))[1]
Registration no.C1152615
FocusRailroad museum, Historic preservation
  • 635 Phelan Avenue
    San Jose, California 95112[2]
Coordinates37°19′10″N 121°51′26″W / 37.319518°N 121.857274°W / 37.319518; -121.857274Coordinates: 37°19′10″N 121°51′26″W / 37.319518°N 121.857274°W / 37.319518; -121.857274
Originsmerger of Santa Clara Valley Railroad Association and the San Jose Trolley Corporation[1]
Area served
South Bay

Established in 1982, the California Trolley and Railroad Corporation (CTRC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to preserve and reflect the rich legacy of rail transportation in the Santa Clara Valley for the educational and recreational benefit of current and future generations.[1]

Among the numerous projects underway is the complete restoration of Southern Pacific 2479[3][4] and the static restoration of Southern Pacific 1215.[5] The California Trolley and Railroad Corporation has restored for operation a number of historic trolley cars at History Park at Kelley Park.[6] In August 2009 the Corporation opened the Happy Hollow line extension allowing trolley service to the Japanese Friendship Garden and the Happy Hollow Zoo in Kelley Park.[7]

A major undertaking is the creation of the San Jose Steam Railroad Museum with the focal point becoming the former six-stall Lenzen Roundhouse and turntable.[8]


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