California Village, Pasadena, California

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California Village is a neighborhood in Pasadena, California. It is bordered by Sierra Madre Boulevard to the north, Foothill Boulevard to the south, the Eaton Wash to the west, and Sierra Madre Villa Avenue to the east. Like most of the neighborhoods east of the Eaton Wash, it was developed more recently than most other neighborhoods in Pasadena.

Latitude: 34.14778 Longitude: 118.14452


The only commercial development in the neighborhood is a single city block on Foothill Boulevard. The neighborhood has no parks, though it is notable for straddling the Eaton Wash and the powerlines that trace its course.


California Village is served by Field Elementary School, Wilson Middle School, and Pasadena High School.


The Metro Gold Line has a terminal complex on Sierra Madre Villa Avenue and Foothill Boulevard, at the neighborhood's edge. It is served by Metro Local lines 177, 268, 287 and 487; Pasadena ARTS routes 31, 32, 40, and 60; Foothill Transit Route 187; and Montebello Bus Lines route 20.

Coordinates: 34°09′20″N 118°05′01″W / 34.1556°N 118.0837°W / 34.1556; -118.0837