California Winter

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California Winter
Directed by Odin Ozdil
Written by Odin Ozdil
Country United States
Language English

California Winter is an American drama film 2012.


In 2005, Clara Morales begins an upward career in real estate, encouraging risky loans to their customers in order to afford the homes above their means. Loans that she did not fully understand. Also advises the father to take such a loan. With the onset of the housing market slump of 2008, the house of the father of Clara goes to auction, now she tries to save her childhood home which brings you new problems.[1]


Actor Role
Michael Ironside Sheriff Hillman
Rutina Wesley Marcy Sanchez
Erick Avari Douglas Hariri
A Martinez Miguel Morales
Elizabeth Dominguez Clara Morales
Walter Perez Carlos Gonzalez
Laura Cerón Camila Vasquez
Kendell Johnson Walter Sanchez
Sean Patrick Murphy Ken Richmond
Dustin Fitzsimons Brad Hutchins
Louie Alegria Geraldo Ramirez
Miguel Bocanegra Mario Chavez
John Bolen Leo Porter
Alberto Carroll Miguel
Eliana Alexander Cecilia Morales
Amaris Dupree Paula Ruiz
Justin Fair Alan Thomas
Joseph A. Garcia Juan Ruiz
Brian Leahy Dep. Blake
Rod McLachlan Howard Gorski
Lee Anne Moore Angie
John Pirruccello Jim Whedon
Teresa Reilly Christy
Leonard Roberts Larry Johnson
Gina Rodriguez Ofelia Ramirez
Foster Wilson Ilene
Nadeya Ward Waitress
Josh Megdell Doctor
Chad Ridgely Officer Barnes
John Bryant Antonio

[citation needed]


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