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California pottery includes industrial, commercial, and decorative pottery produced in the Northern California and Southern California regions of the U.S. state of California. Production includes brick, sewer pipe, architectural terra cotta, tile, garden ware, tableware, kitchenware, art ware, figurines, giftware, and ceramics for industrial use. Ceramics include terra cotta, earthenware, porcelain, and stoneware products.

Ceramic Originals by Freeman-Leidy, crane figurine.

Key milestones in the history of California pottery include: the arrival of Spanish settlers, the advent of Statehood and subsequent population growth, the arts and crafts movement, Great Depression, World War II era and the post-WWII onslaught of low-priced imports leading to a steep decline in the number of California potteries. California potters large and small have left a legacy of tableware design, collectibles, art, and architecture.


Tile has been a favorite building material in California since the early Spanish settled the area and brought with them the tradition of using brightly-colored tiles in architecture. Helen Stiles, author of numerous books on the history of pottery, noted that Spanish, Mexican, and Chinese design of the 17th and 18th centuries all influenced the decoration of tile and other pottery in California.[1]

As people moved into California after statehood in 1848, the demand for ceramic products grew exponentially. Buildings needed roofs, floors, and sewer pipes. The ceramic industry grew as the demand increased. The "Golden Era in tile making"[2] and art pottery, influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, was around 1910. Architect Julia Morgan used tiles to adorn her buildings including the Hearst Castle in the 1920s.

The most active period for the production of household ceramics including tableware, kitchenware, giftware, and art ware was from the 1930s through the 1960s.[citation needed] The major area of U.S. household ceramics production was in the Los Angeles basin.[citation needed] Around Los Angeles there were over 300 producers of figurines. Next in size was the Trenton area, followed by East Liverpool, and a few in the middle west such as Ceramic Arts Studio, Red Wing Pottery and Haeger Potteries.[3]

The period around World War II saw the greatest growth for the U.S. ceramic industry.[citation needed] With imports cut off from European and Asian markets, small family-owned and larger potteries stepped in to fill the need for ceramic giftware and tableware throughout the United States. By 1948, "the peak year for the industry, over eight hundred ceramic concerns were in operation throughout California."[4] With sunlight year round, an abundance of raw materials, and relatively inexpensive natural gas, California became competitive with centers of ceramic production such as the "Pottery Capital of the World" East Liverpool, Ohio and Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England.

In the 1950s, favorable trade agreements toward Asian countries contributed to a flood of competitively priced ceramic wares entering the United States market. Only a fraction of California potteries survived this competition through the early 1960s. Today, only a few are still in business.

"Big Five" California potteries[edit]

The "Big Five"[5] California potteries, from the 1930s to the 1960s in reference to the range of products and output, were Vernon Kilns, J.A. Bauer Pottery, Metlox Potteries, Pacific Clay Products, and Gladding, McBean & Co. All of the "Big Five" potteries operated production facilities in the Los Angeles Basin. Gladding, McBean & Co. grew from one factory manufacturing sewer pipe and architectural terra cotta in Lincoln, California to factories throughout California and the Pacific Northwest. Vernon Kilns closed in 1958, J.A. Bauer in 1962, and Metlox in 1988. The former Gladding, McBean & Co.'s Franciscan tableware and tile factory in Los Angeles was bought by Wedgwood from the Interpace corporation in 1979. Wedgwood closed the Franciscan Ceramics plant in 1984, moving production of the Franciscan tableware brands to England. The former Gladding, McBean & Co.'s Lincoln factory was purchased by Pacific Coast Building Products in 1976 and continues to produce sewer pipe, architectural terra cotta, and terra cotta garden ware. Pacific Clay Products discontinued manufacturing tableware, art ware, and figurines in 1942. Pacific Clay Products continues to manufacture sewer pipe.

Big Five potteries table[edit]

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Pottery Location(s) Dates Tradename(s) / Products
J.A. Bauer Pottery Los Angeles 1909–1962 Flower pots, crocks, jugs, tableware, garden ware, & art ware [4]
Gladding, McBean & Co., Lincoln plant (Interpace after 1962 and Pacific Coast Building Products after 1976)) Lincoln 1875–present Sewer pipe, roof tiles, architectural terra cotta, paver tiles & garden ware [6]
Gladding, McBean & Co., Glendale plant (Interpace after 1962, and Franciscan Ceramics, Inc. after 1979) Los Angeles 1923–1984 "Franciscan" "Catalina Pottery" tableware, kitchenware, art ware & "Hermosa" tile [4]
Metlox Manufacturing Company Manhattan Beach 1927–1988 Tableware, giftware, kitchenware, cookie jars, figurines & art ware [7]
Pacific Clay Products Los Angeles 1916–present Sewer pipe. From 1932-1942: "Pacific Pottery" tableware, kitchenware, art ware & figurines. From 1943–present: brick & pavers [8]
Vernon Kilns Vernon 1931–1958 Tableware, art ware, & figurines [9]

Potteries of California[edit]

Northern California[edit]

Geographically, see Northern California.

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Pottery Location(s) Dates Tradename(s) / Products
Arequipa Pottery Fairfax 1911–1918 Art pottery [2][10]
Billie Vier Berkeley 1940s Figurines [11]
California Art Tile Company (Cal Art) Richmond 1923–1964 Tile [2]
California Faience (The Tile Shop before 1924) Berkeley 1915–1959 Art pottery & tile [2][12]
California Pottery Company Oakland, Niles, Merced 1873–1929 Pipe, roof tile, utilitarian pottery, crockery, & garden ware [13]
California Ra-Art Richmond 1930s Art ware & figurines [11]
Camp Del Mar Pottery Capitola late 1940s-early 1950s "Campo" tableware & art ware [14]
Carnegie Brick and Pottery Company Pottery plant Tesla, California 1903-1911 Figurines, art pottery, vases, urns, clay pipes [15]
Chase Originals (Adele Chase) Berkeley 1930s-1950s Art ware & figurines [11]
Environmental Ceramics, Inc. San Francisco 1960s Kitchenware [16]
Evans Ceramics Inc. Healdsburg 1974- Art ware & cookware [14]
Garden City Pottery Company San Jose 1902–1979 Crockery, tableware, art ware, garden ware & kitchenware [17]
Gladding Ceramic Insulator Company, Inc. San Jose 1924- Tile. "Gladco" insulators after 1964 [14]
Heath Ceramics Sausalito 1948–present Tableware & art ware
Handcraft Tile (San Jose Tile before 1931) Topanga 1926–present Tile [18]
Hans Sumpf Company Madera 1939–2006 Garden ware & architectural wall surfaces [19]
Homer Knowles Pottery Company Santa Clara 1923–1937 "K.T.K" "K.T. and K." Art ware, restaurant ware, figurines & novelty giftware [14][20]
Jade Snow Wong San Francisco 1950s-1960s Art ware
Jam Ceramic Design Sacramento 1975-mid-1980s Artware, tableware, figurines & giftware [14]
Jane Fauntz Berkeley 1940s Figurines [11]
Jessie Grimes San Francisco Bay area 1940s Figurines [11]
Kay the Potter (Kay Kinney) Berkeley 1930s Figurines & art ware [11]
Lagunita Oakland 1940s Figurines [11]
Laurel Pottery and Manufacturing Company Stockton 1938–1962 Flower pots, art ware & tableware [14]
Monterey Pottery Carmel Valley 1948-unknown "Monterey Jade" art ware, figurines & giftware [11][20]
Mudflat Pottery Alviso 1974-unknown Cookie Jars, giftware, tableware & utilitarian ware [20]
Muresque Tiles Oakland 1925–1935 Tile [21]
Panama Pottery Sacramento 1914–present Utility ware, flower pots, garden ware & art ware [22]
Pond Farm Pottery Guerneville 1953–1980 Art pottery
Ransgil Glass Co. Oakland 1940s-50s Gold-encrusted china and glassware
Red Doat Berkeley 1930s Figurines [11]
Redlands Pottery Redlands 1902–1909 Art ware [10]
Richenda Stevick Redwood City, then Berkeley 1930s Figurines & art ware [11]
Roblin Art Pottery San Francisco 1898–1906 Art pottery [12]
San Carlos Pottery San Carlos late 1930s-late 1940s Artware & figurines [11][14]
San Jose Tile (Handcraft Tile after 1931) San Jose, California 1926–1931 Tile [18]
Sierra Vista Ceramics Sierra Vista 1942–1951 Giftware, cookie jars & kitchenware [14]
Solon and Schemmel Tile Company (S&S) San Jose 1920–1936 Tile [21]
Sorcha Boru San Carlos 1936–1950 Art ware, giftware & figurines [12]
Stockton Terra Cotta Company (Stockton Art Pottery after 1896) Stockton 1890–1895 Firebrick, sewer pipe & stove pipe & art pottery [10]
Stockton Art Pottery (Stockton Brick and Pottery Company after 1901) Stockton 1896–1900 Sewer pipe, brick & art pottery [10]
Stockton Brick and Pottery Company Stockton 1901-1902 Sewer pipe & brick [10][15]
Stonelite San Jose unknown Tile [16]
Strictly Stoneware Capitola unknown Tableware [23]
Technical Porcelain and Chinaware Company (TEPCO) El Cerrito 1922–1968 [11][14]
Walrich Pottery Berkeley 1922–1930 Art pottery, figurines & tile [21]
Washburn Berkeley 1930s-1940s Art ware [11]
West Coast Porcelain Manufacturers Millbrae 1920s Sanitary ware & "California Porcelain" art ware [14]
Woolenius Tile Company Berkeley 1927–1941 Tile [21]

Southern California[edit]

Geographically, see Southern California.

To use the sortable tables: click on the icons at the top of each column to sort that column in alphabetical order; click again for reverse alphabetical order.

Pottery Location(s) Dates Tradename(s) / Products
Acme Tile Company Los Angeles 1925–1932 Tile [2]
Adelle Laguna Beach 1940s Art ware [11]
Affiliated Craftsmen's Studio Los Angeles unknown Planters [24]
Alhamhra Kilns, Inc. Alhambra 1920s- Floor and roof tile [25]
Alberhill Coal and Clay Company Alberhill (Riverside County) 1882–1920 Art pottery from 1910–1912 [10][12]
Alexander Franzka La Crescenta-Montrose 1965-1987 Figurines, art ware, gift ware, terra cotta [11]
Alhambra Kilns, Inc. Santa Monica 1926–1937 Tile & roof tile [2]
American Ceramic Products Los Angeles, Santa Monica 1939–1967 "La Mirada" "Winfield" tableware, art ware, & figurines [4]
American China Company Los Angeles 1920s Tile [25]
American Encaustic Tiling Company (Gladding, McBean & Co. after 1933) Vernon, Hermosa Beach 1919–1933 Tile [2]
American Pottery Los Angeles, San Juan Capistrano 1943–1953 "Brad Keeler Art Ware" "American Pottery" giftware, art ware, & figurines [4]
American Refractories Company Los Angeles unknown Fire brick [25]
Angulo Tile Company Santa Barbara & Reseda unknown Floor & roof tile [25]
Ann Crochran North Hollywood early to mid-1950s Art ware [11]
Arcadia Ceramics Arcadia 1940s-1950s Novelty giftware [4]
Architectural Pottery Los Angeles 1950–1962 Planters, ash trays [26]
Artistic Potteries Company Whittier 1940s Art ware, giftware & figurines [14]
Atlas Fire Brick Company Los Angeles unknown Fire brick [25]
B.J. Brock (Southern California Pottery Company) Lawndale 1947-80 "Brock" "Brock Ware" "Grantcrest" tableware [4][14]
Ball Brothers Inglewood 1943–1948 Art ware & figurines [4]
Barbara Willis North Hollywood 1942–1958 Art ware & figurines [27]
Batchelder Pasadena 1910–1932 Tile & architectural products [21]
Batchelder-Wilson Company Los Angeles mid-1920s Tile & architectural products [25]
Bauer Pottery Company of Los Angeles Los Angeles 2000–present "Bauer 2000" Tableware, art ware & kitchenware [28]
Belmar of California Los Angeles 1965–1967 Art ware [14]
Bell Manufacturing and Sales Co. Los Angeles 1950s Figurines & art ware [11]
The Bennetts North Hollywood 1940s-1950s Art ware [11]
Bergstrom and French Glendale, California (Scottsdale, Arizona after 1954) 1946–1953 "Solana Ware" Ovenware [14]
Bernard Studios Los Angeles 1940s Figurines [11]
Beth Barton Fullerton 1940s-1950s Figurines [11]
Betty Lou Nichols La Habra 1949–1962 Giftware & figurines [29]
Bevan Kilns Pasadena, Sierra Madre after 1943 1940s Figurines & giftware [11]
Bill Meyer Los Angeles 1950s Figurines & art ware [11]
Bishop of California unknown 1940s Planters, giftware [30]
Block Pottery Los Angeles 1940s Figurines, art ware & giftware [11]
Bradster Potteries Los Angeles 1941–1943 Tableware, art ware & figurines [4]
Brayton Laguna Pottery Laguna Beach 1927–1968 Tableware, art ware & figurines [21]
Brusche Ceramics/Brusche Ceramics of California (J.A. Bauer Pottery after 1950) Whittier 1949 Tableware [14]
Burke-Simmons unknown late 1930s-1940s Figurines [11]
Burke-Winton unknown 1930s Figurines [11]
California Art Products unknown 1940s Giftware [11]
California Art Tile Company (Cal Art) Richmond 1923–1964 Tile [2]
California Brick and Tile Company (formerly Owens Brick Company Van Nuys unknown Brick [25]
California Belleek Los Angeles 1948–1967 Figurines, giftware, tableware & art ware [14]
California Ceramics (Ceramic Manufacturing Company) Calabasas 1940s-1950s "Orchard Ware" tableware [14][21]
California China Products Company (CCPCo) National City 1911–1917 "Kaospar" tile [2][10]
California Clay Products (Calco) South Gate 1923–1932 Tile [2]
The California Cleminsons El Monte 1941–1963 Giftware & figurines [4]
California Dresden Glendale 1951–1954 Figurines & art ware [14]
California Figurine Company (Weil of California after 1946) Los Angeles 1941–1946 "Weil Ware" giftware, artware, tableware & figurines [4]
California Originals Torrance 1955–1982 Kitchenware, giftware [4]
California Pottery and Tile Works Los Angeles 1994–present Tile [31]
Calpotter Laguna Beach 1940s Art ware [11]
Capistrano Ceramics/John R. Stewart Inc. San Juan Capistrano 1948–1951 Art ware & figurines [14]
Carlana China Los Angeles 1940s Figurines [20]
Catalina Clay Products Avalon, Catalina Island 1927–1937 Tableware, art ware, tile, giftware & figurines [32]
Casa Verdugo Pottery Montrose 1940s Giftware [33]
Cemar Clay Products Los Angeles 1935–1955 Giftware, kitchenware, art ware & figurines [4]
Ceramicraft San Clemente 1950s Art ware [11]
Ceramic Originals by Freeman-Leidy Laguna Beach 1944–1955 Figurines, giftware, & tile [20]
Chalice of California Los Angeles 1945-early 1950s Tableware, art ware & figurines [11]
Classic Terra Cotta Company Long Beach 2003–present Terra cotta floor tile [34]
Clay Sketches Pasadena 1940-50s Figurines [4]
Clay Works, Inc. Canoga Park 1973- Planters [20]
Claycraft Potteries Los Angeles 1921–1939 Tile [2]
The Claysmiths San Gabriel 1945–1956 "Will-George" art ware & figurines [4]
Claire Lerner Los Angeles 1946-1950s Art ware & figurines [4]
Cole-Merris San Gabriel early 1940s Art ware & figurines [11]
Covina Pottery Covina 1943-1990s Planters & art ware [11]
Crest China Company (Royal Crest China after 1952) Santa Ana 1949-mid-1950s Art ware & giftware [14]
Crowell Hemet 1940s Figurines [11]
D. & M. Tile Company Los Angeles 1928–1939 Tile [2]
Dan Daniels unknown 1930s Figurines [11]
De Forest of California Duarte 1950–1970 Cookie jars & novelty giftware [20]
deLee Art Company Los Angeles 1937-1950s Figurines [35]
DeCora Ceramics, Inc. Inglewood 1952–1954 Art pottery, wall plates & dinnerware [14][36]
Decorative Arts, Inc. Hawthorne 1927–1933 "Dec-Art" tile [2]
Denwar Ceramics Costa Mesa 1940s-1950s Dinnerware [11]
Desert Sands Barstow 1960s-70s Art ware [4]
Designcraft, Inc. Los Angeles 1963- Tile, kitchenware and art ware [20]
Dick Knox Pottery Laguna Beach 1942–1950 "Knox China" tableware & art ware [4]
Donna Winston unknown 1950s Art ware, giftware & mugs [11]
Doranne of California Los Angeles 1950s-1980s Cookie jars, kitchenware, giftware, & planters [4]
Douglass Clay Products Company (Pacific Sewer Pipe after 1910) Los Angeles 1903–1910 Sewer pipe [37]
Dorothy Kindell Laguna Beach 1940s-1950s Giftware & figurines [4]
Drummond Pottery Capistrano Beach 1950s Figurines [11]
Dubby of Hollywood Hollywood 1940s Figurines [11]
Earthgender El Segundo 1970s Art ware & planters
Edmond Ronaky Laguna Beach 1950s Art ware & giftware [11]
Elzac Los Angeles, after 1944 Hawthorne 1941–1947 Figurines [11]
Emesco Refractories Company Los Angeles 1927-unknown Fire brick [25]
Empire China Company Burbank 1920s- Restaurant ware & tableware [20]
The Enchanto Co. Burbank 1950s Tableware [11]
Esther Shirey Encino 1930s Figurines [4]
Eugene White Bell Gardens 1941–1948 Tableware & art ware [11]
Ever Art Ceramics Los Angeles 1940s Art ware [38]
The Feldman Company Los Angeles unknown Lamps [24]
FHR Fred Robertson Los Angeles Pottery Los Angeles 1906–1921 Art ware
Fleurette Ceramics, Inc. West Hollywood 1950s Giftware [20]
Flintridge China Company (Gorham after 1970) Pasadena 1945–1970 Tableware [20]
Florence Ceramics Pasadena 1942–1977 Giftware & figurines [39]
Frazier, Inc. North Hollywood 1960s Kitchenware [14]
Fred Wind Ceramics Glendale 1950–1960 "Windware" art ware [11]
Freeman Lederman Van Nuys unknown Kitchenware & tableware [40]
Freeman McFarlin El Monte & San Marcos 1951–1980 Art ware & figurines [41]
G.T. Chemical Products, Inc. San Diego 1977-1980s "Clay in Mind" planters, cookware, & giftware [14]
Gainey Ceramics Inc. La Verne 1949–present Planters & tile [20]
Gene Lodi unknown 1950s Art ware [11]
Genevieve and Charles Tulley Glendale 1947-unknown Lamps, art ware & figurines [20]
Gilner Culver City 1948–1957 Art ware [4]
Globe Tile and Porcelain Works Los Angeles unknown Tile [25]
Golden State Ceramics Pasadena 1940s Artware & giftware [42]
Grand Feu Art Pottery (Brauckman Art Pottery) Los Angeles mid-1900s "Grand Feu" and "Brauckman" art ware [12]
Grant Beach Los Angeles 1940s Art ware [33]
Grayson Arts Pasadena 1949-unknown Giftware & art ware [14]
Green Tree Studio (Bess Wilson) North Hollywood 1940s Gifware [33]
Group Artec Los Angeles unknown Tile & planters [23]
Guppy Corona del Mar 1940s-1950s “Island Ware” tableware [4]
H.F. Coors Inglewood 1925–2003 Institutional china [4][20][43]
H & H Tile Company Los Angeles 1927-unknown Tile [25]
Hagen-Renaker Monrovia then San Dimas 1946–present Giftware, planters & figurines [41]
Halcyon Art Pottery Halcyon 1910–1913 Art pottery [10]
Haldeman Pottery Burbank 1933–1953 "Caliente" art ware & figurines [4]
Hallfield Pottery unknown 1950s Figurines [11]
Hamilton Pottery Los Angeles 1930s Figurines & art ware [11]
Hardie-Arnita El Segundo 1940s Figurines [11]
Harold Burress Pottery North Hollywood 1950s Giftware [20]
Harold Johnson Glendale 1940–1952 Art ware [4]
Hedi Schoop Hollywood 1940–1958 Art ware & figurines [4]
Heirlooms of Tomorrow (California Originals after 1955) Manhattan Beach 1944–1955 Figurines [4]
Helen Greenleaf Lane Upland 1874–1962 Tile [21]
Hermione Ceramics Glendale 1940s-1950s Giftware & figurines [36][44]
Hinkle of Monrovia Monrovia 1940s Kitchenware [30]
Hispano-Moresque Los Angeles 1927–1934 Tile [21]
Hoffman Tile Company Ontario unknown "Dequa" tile [40]
Hollydale Potteries Harbor City 1935–1959 “Malibu Modern” tableware [4]
Howard Pierce Ceramics LaVerne, after 1945 Claremont, after 1968 Joshua Tree 1941–1994 Giftware & figurines [45]
Hueckel China and Porcelain Company, Inc. El Monte 1948- "Kaolina" art ware, & hotel ware [20]
Italian Terra Cotta Company Los Angeles unknown Architectural Terra Cotta & garden ware [25]
Ivar of Hollywood Hollywood 1940s Art ware & figurines [11]
Jane Callender North Hollywood 1942-early 1950s Figurines [4]
Jane Holland South Gate 1940s Kitchenware [11]
Jaru Art Products Culver City 1950–1968 Art ware & figurines [20]
Jaska of California Los Angeles 1946-mid-1950s Giftware & "Cascade Ware" tableware [14]
Jean Goodwin Ames Padua Hills, Claremont 1950s Giftware & art ware [11]
Jean Manley North Hollywood 1940-50s Figurines [11]
Jean Read unknown 1940s Giftware [30]
Jenev Studio Design Los Angeles 1953–1959 Giftware & art ware
Johanna Ceramics Costa Mesa 1940s Art ware [11]
Josef Originals Monrovia 1946–1985 Figurines [46]
Johannes Brahm Los Angeles/Reseda 1945–1956 Giftware & art ware [20]
Joy Thompson Pasadena 1940s-1950s Figurines [4]
K & M Pottery Los Angeles unknown Stoneware utilitarian wares [25]
Karl Roma unknown 1940s Artware, figurines & giftware [11]
Kay Finch Ceramics Corona Del Mar 1940s-1963 Tableware, art ware, & figurines [47]
Kaye of Hollywood North Hollywood early 1940s Figurines [4]
Kellems of Ceramics Pasadena 1940s Art ware [11]
Kim Ward (formerly Kaye of Hollywood) North Hollywood late 1940s Figurines [4]
The Kiln of Sara Hume Altadena 1940s Art ware & figurines [48]
Kinneloa Kiln Los Angeles 1938–1951 "Batchhelder Ceramics" art ware [14]
Kipp Ceramics Pasadena late 1940s Art ware & figurines [20]
Knowles, Taylor, and Knowles Burbank 1940s Art ware & figurines [11]
Kraftile Niles 1926–1997 Tile [21]
L.A. Pressed Brick Los Angeles 1887–1926 Brick, architectural terra cotta & tile [21]
La Mirada Potteries Los Angeles 1935–1939 Tableware, art ware & figurines [11]
La Cañada Newhall 1930s-1940s Tableware, kitchenware & art ware [4]
Landaker Original Ceramics Los Angeles 1940s Art ware & figurines [11]
Lane Van Nuys 1940s-1950s TV lamps & planters [4]
Lee Wollard Burbank 1946–1951 Figurines & art ware [12]
Leneige China Burbank 1934–1955 Tableware & art ware [14]
Lester of California Pasadena 1950s Figurines [11]
Los Angeles Potteries Lynwood 1940s-1971 Tableware, cookie jars, & kitchenware [4][20]
Los Angeles Stoneware Company (Douglass Clay Products Company after 1903) Los Angeles 1900–1903 Sewer pipe [37]
Lucie Watkins Los Angeles 1940s Figurines & art ware [11]
M & L Manufacturing Company Azusa 1950s "De Maray" tableware & art ware [11]
Mackie Artware Corona Del Mar 1940s-1950s Figurines & art ware [11]
Madeline Originals Pasadena 1948–present Art ware & garden ware [4]
Maddux of California Los Angeles 1938–1976 Art ware, giftware & figurines [4]
Malibu Ceramic Works Topanga 1979–present Tile, pots, terra cotta floor tile [49]
Malibu Potteries Malibu 1926–1932 Tile [21]
Marc Bellaire, Inc. Culver City 1953-early 1960s Giftware, figurines & art ware [11]
Marcia Ceramics of California Los Angeles early 1940s-unknown Cookie jars, giftware & figurines [20]
Markham Pottery National City 1913–1921 Art ware [12]
Markoff Inglewood 1926–1945 Tile [21]
Marsh Industries Glendale, after 1959 Los Angeles 1950- "French Chef Cookware" cookware and "California Giftware" giftware [14]
Mary Jane Hart Los Angeles 1940s "Copa de Oro" figurines [11]
Maybrik Los Angeles unknown Tile [16]
Mathew Adams Los Angeles 1960s Art ware [4]
Max P.H. Schonfeld Los Angeles 1939-late 1950s "Kaolina" artware & giftware [14]
Maxine Cloud Hawthorne 1945–1953 Giftware & art ware [11]
McCarty Brothers Sierra Madre 1940s Giftware & figurines [4]
Mc Me Productions Simi Valley 1980s Cookie Jars [11]
McAffee San Gabriel 1940s Art ware [11]
Mel Ceramics Torrance 1950s Tableware & art ware [36][50]
Meyers/California Rainbow Pottery Vernon 1930s-1940s Tableware, kitchenware & art ware [4]
Miramar of California Los Angeles 1950s-1960s Tableware, kitchenware & art ware [4]
Mission China Company Los Angeles unknown Hotel & restaurant ware [25]
Modglin’s Originals Los Angeles 1940–1945 Figurines [4]
Moreno Ceramics Pomona 1971-unknown Flower pots & figural planters [20]
Nipedal Manufacturing Co. Pasadena 1940s "Pas Cal" figurines & giftware [42]
Northington Inc. Los Angeles 1950s Tableware [11]
Orange Grove Pottery Burbank 1948–1974 Tableware, giftware & planters [20]
Padre Los Angeles 1930s-1940s Tableware, kitchenware, art ware & figurines [4]
Pacific Art Tile Company (Western Art Tile Company after 1904 Los Angeles (Tropico) 1902–1904 Tile [10][25]
Pacific Sewer Pipe Company (Pacific Clay Products after 1916) Los Angeles, Los Nietos 1910–1916 Sewer pipe [37]
Pat and Covey Stewart Laguna Beach 1940s Art ware [11]
Peterson Studios El Segundo 1950s Art ware [11]
Phyllis Lester Los Angeles 1940s Art ware [11]
Pillin Pottery Los Angeles early 1948-1992 Art ware [14]
Pixie Potters (Millicent Andrews) Los Angeles 1939–1954 " Millesan Drews Miniature Pixies" figurines [11][14]
Poinsettia Ceramics Baldwin Park 1940s Giftware [30]
Pomona Tile Manufacturing Co. Pomona 1923–1976 Tile [21]
Potters Associated Paramount unknown Tableware [40]
Poxon China Products Vernon 1912–1928 Tile & tableware [21]
Pro Artisans Manhattan Beach unknown Lamps [40]
Proutyline Products (American Encaustic Tiling Co. after 1926) Hermosa Beach 1921–1926 Tile [7]
Raymond Koechlin Los Angeles 1940s Art ware [11]
Rembrant Pottery Laguna Beach 1930s Art ware [11]
Renaker-Brazel Leucadia 1974–1992 Miniature figurines [41]
Rhead Pottery Santa Barbara 1913–1917 Tile [21]
Ridgewood China Los Angeles 1940s Tableware [36]
Rio Hondo El Monte 1939-mid-1950s Figurines [11][14]
Riverside Ceramics Riverside County 1946–1947 Zeisel tableware [51]
Robaul of California unknown 1940s-1950s Art ware [11]
Robert Maxwell Studio Venice 1960s-1970s "Robert Maxwell Stoneware" art ware, planters, figurines [52]
Robert Simmons Costa Mesa 1940s-1950s Giftware & figurines [4]
Robertson/Hollywood Pottery Los Angeles 1934–1952 Art ware
Robyn Ceramics Fallbrook, after 1955 Idyllwild 1940s-1950s Figurines [11]
Rose S. Shep Seal Beach 1948–1963 Tableware, giftware, planters, & lamps [12]
The Rose Crown China Co. Pasadena 1940s Giftware [30]
Roselane Pottery Pasadena 1938–1977 Giftware, art ware & figurines [4]
Ross Laguna Beach, then Hawthorne 1940s Figurines [11]
Rothman Stoneware Los Angeles 1971–1982 "Rothwoman" kitchenware, & tableware [20]
Roy John of Wilmar California Wilmar 1940s Figurines [42]
Rumph unknown 1960s-1970s Art ware & mugs [11]
Saar Lawndale, then El Segundo 1950–1962 Art ware, tableware, & giftware [11]
San Vallé Tile Kilns Los Angeles 1952-unknown Tableware [14]
Santa Anita Los Angeles 1940s-1950s Tableware & kitchenware [4]
Santa Barbara Ceramic Design Santa Barbara 1976-unknown Giftware & art ware [14]
Sascha Brastoff Ceramics Los Angeles 1947–1963 Tableware, art ware, & figurines [53]
Sasha Studios (Sasha Katchamakoff) Los Angeles 1950s Figurines [11]
Sierra Vista Ceramics Sierra Vista, after 1951 Phoenix, Arizona 1942–1958 Cookie jars & giftware [12][14]
S-Squire Ceramics Los Angeles 1943–1950 Giftware & figurines [4]
Southern California Ceramic Company/California Art Products, Inc. Santa Monica/Los Angeles 1945–1953 "Orchard" "Hollywood Ware" tableware [14]
Southern California Clay Products (California Clay Products after 1923) Vernon 1917–1923 Chemical stoneware [2]
Southern California Coal and Clay Company (Pacific Sewer Pipe Company after 1910) Lake Elsinore 1886–1910 Sewer pipe [37]
Starnes (Walter Starnes) Los Angeles 1952–1954 Tableware [14]
Stewart B. McCulloch unknown 1940s Figurines & art ware [11]
Sunshine Ceramics of Los Angeles Los Angeles 1940s Giftware [33]
Susi Singer Pasadena 1935–1955 Figurines [11]
Sy Alan Designs Canoga Park unknown Lamps [40]
Sylvan Ceramics Pasadena 1943- art ware [12]
Sylvia Hood Designs Pasadena 1960–1965 Figurines [14]
Taylor Tilery Santa Monica 1930–1941 Tile [21]
Tony Hill-Wilmer James Los Angeles late 40s-early 50s Art ware [11]
Treasure Craft – Pottery Craft Gardena and South Gate, then Compton 1955–1995 Giftware, kitchenware, & figurines [54]
Triangle Studios (Vallona Starr Ceramics) Los Angeles/El Monte 1930–1953 Novelty giftware, kitchenware & art ware [4]
Tropico Potteries (Gladding, McBean & Co. after 1923) Los Angeles 1921–1923 Tile, architectural terra cotta & sewer pipe [21]
Tudor Art Tile Company (Tudor Potteries) Los Angeles 1927–1939 Tile, art ware, garden ware & figurines [21]
Twin Winton Pasadena, then San Juan Capistrano 1936–1975 Giftware, kitchenware, & figurines [4]
Vadna of California Leucadia 1940s-1950s Tableware & art ware [11]
Valentien Pottery Company San Diego 1911–1913 Art pottery [10]
Valley Vista Ceramics Los Angeles 1946–1962 Giftware [20]
Vally Werner Los Angeles 1940s Art ware [4]
Van Straaton Company Santa Monica 1940s Art ware [38]
Vee Jackson San Gabriel then Pasadena 1946–1976 Giftware [11]
Vessel USA Inc. San Diego 1998–present Planters [55]
Victoria Ceramics San Juan Capistrano 1940s Figurines [48]
Vitrefrax Company Los Angeles unknown Insulators [25]
Vohann of California Laguna Beach/Capistrano Beach/San Clemente 1950–present Art ware & giftware [4][56]
Wade Ceramics North Hollywood 1965–1967 Art ware & kitchenware [14]
Walker Potteries Monrovia 1945–1952 Figurines [14][57]
Walker-Renaker Monrovia 1952–1959 Figurines [57]
Wallace China Company Huntington Park 1931–1964 Restaurant ware [4]
Walter Wilson Pasadena 1943–1954 Giftware & figurines [14]
Weil of California (California Figurine Company prior to 1946) Los Angeles 1946–1955 "Weil Ware" giftware, artware, tableware & figurines [4]
West Coast Tile Company (American Encaustic Tiling Company after 1919) Vernon 1914–1919 Tile [10][21]
West Coast Burbank 1940s-1950s Art ware, giftware & figurines [4]
Western Art Tile Company (Tropico Potteries after 1921) Los Angeles (Tropico) early 1904-1920 Tile [10]
Western Quarry Tiles Monrovia 1959–present Garden ware & tile [24][58]
Whiting-Mead Company Los Angeles unknown Sanitary ware & garden ware [25]
Wildwood Ceramics Pasadena 1940s-1950s Giftware [11]
Will-George (became The Claysmiths in 1945) Pasadena 1934–1945 Giftware & figurines [4]
William Bonzi Pasadena 1945-1950s "Bonzi" giftware, artware & tableware [14]
William Manker Ceramics Padua Hills – Claremont 1933-late 1950s Art ware & figurines [4]
Wilmer James Los Angeles 1940s Art ware [11]
Winfield Pottery – Gabriel Porcelain Pottery Pasadena 1929–1962 "Winfield" "Gabriel Porcelain" tableware, art ware & figurines [12]
Winifred Cole of California Van Nuys 1967- Giftware [20]
Wolper Art Studios Los Angeles 1948-unknown Tableware & giftware [14]
Yerbysmith Ceramics Laguna Beach 1940s Art ware [11]
Ynez Inglewood 1940s-1950s Figurines [4]
Yona Ceramics Los Angeles 1952–1957 Giftware & figurines [11]

Studio pottery[edit]



Art ware and giftware[edit]




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