Caligata Lake Provincial Park

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Caligata Lake Provincial Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Raft Peak north face.jpg
North Face of Raft Mountain near Caligata Lake
Map showing the location of Caligata Lake Provincial Park
Map showing the location of Caligata Lake Provincial Park
Location of Caligata Lake Provincial Park
LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
Nearest cityClearwater
Coordinates51°44′N 119°50′W / 51.733°N 119.833°W / 51.733; -119.833Coordinates: 51°44′N 119°50′W / 51.733°N 119.833°W / 51.733; -119.833
Area153 ha
Visitorsless than 100 (in 2010)
Governing bodyBC Parks

Caligata Lake Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada, located northeast of Clearwater. The lake occupies a cirque below the north face of Raft Mountain. The park has no visitor facilities or services.

Access is by Spahats Creek Road off the Clearwater Valley Road (also called Wells Gray Park Road), then there is a short hike to the lake.

Cross-country hiking routes lead from Caligata Lake to the nearby Cirque of Tarns and Spahats Hill. A more rigorous hike ascends to the east ridge of Raft Mountain from where a skyline walk can go in either direction to Raft's multiple summits.[1]

The name comes from the Latin for the hoary marmot, marmota caligata.


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Cirque of Tarns above Caligata Lake. Trophy Mountain behind.

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