Call Me (Go West song)

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"Call Me"
Single by Go West
from the album Go West
B-side We Close Our Eyes
Man in My Mirror
Released May 1985
Recorded late 1984
Genre Pop
Length 4:09
Label Chrysalis

"Call Me" was a 1985 hit single for the band Go West which reached #12 in the UK Charts and #54 in the US. It also peaked at #1 in Sweden. [1] The song was included on the soundtrack for the popular 2002 video game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, on the Flash FM radio station and on the official soundtrack release.

On 7" vinyl, the album version of the song appeared, along with the b-side "Man in My Mirror", which later appeared on the remix album Bangs & Crashes. The 12" vinyl included the extended mix (labelled "The Indiscriminate Mix") along with either the album version of "Call Me" and "Man in My Mirror" on the second side in Europe, or "We Close Our Eyes (Complete Underhang Mix)" in North America. A German 12" included "The Indiscriminate Mix" on the first side, and the album version and "The Indiscriminate -Kitchen Sink- Mix" on the second side. The "-Kitchen Sink- Mix" is identical to the "Indiscriminate Mix", but equalized differently and lightly reverberated to sound as if the record was playing inside of an actual kitchen sink. This second remix was released as its own 12" single in the United Kingdom, with "Eye To Eye (The Horizontal Mix)" and "Man in My Mirror" on its second side.


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