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Calla Records was a small, New York City-based independent black owned Soul record label run by Nate McCalla and active c. 1965 to 1977.

McCalla was an associate and bodyguard for Morris Levy who headed Roulette Records which had known ties to the mob.

Artists recording for the label include J.J. Jackson, Jimmie Raye, The Sandpebbles, Little Jerry Williams (aka Swamp Dogg), Jean Wells, The Emotions, The Fuzz, Lonnie Youngblood, The Persuaders, and Geraldine Hunt among others.[1] Initially distributed by Cameo-Parkway Records, they became part of Roulette Records, then were distributed by Shakat Records, then later by CBS.

McCalla was later found murdered execution style in 1980.[2]

Recordings released under on Calla label[edit]

  • 1965 - "Let Me Down Easy" / "What I Don't Know" - Betty LaVette (Calla C-102)
  • 1965 - "I Feel Good (All Over)" / "Only Your Love Can Save Me" - Betty LaVette (Calla C-104)
  • 1965 - "Baby, You're My Everything" / "Just What Do You Plan to Do about It" - Little Jerry Williams (Calla C-105)
  • 1965 - "Stand Up Like A Man" / "I'm Just A Fool For You" - Betty LaVette (Calla C-106)
  • 1966 - "Baby, Bunny (Sugar Honey)" / "Philly Duck" - Little Jerry Williams (Calla C-109)
  • 1966 - "If You Ask Me (Because I Love You)" / "Yvonne" - Jerry Williams (Calla C-116)
  • 1967 - "What's the Matter with You Baby" / "What Do You Plan to Do about It" - Jerry Williams (Calla C-121)
  • 1968 - "That'll Get It" / "It's Written All Over Your Face" - Jimmie Raye (Calla) MS 6705A
  • 1968 - "Oh Lord, Why Lord?" - Los Pop Tops (Calla C-154)
  • 1967 - "Run Run Roadrunner" / "I'm in the Danger Zone" - Jerry Williams (Calla MU 1285)
  • 1970 - "I Love You for All Seasons"/"I Love You for All Seasons" (Instrumental) - The Fuzz (Calla C-174)
  • 1971 - "Like an Open Door"/"Leave It All Behind Me" - The Fuzz (Calla C-177)
  • 1971 - "I'm So Glad"/"All About Love" - The Fuzz (Calla C-179)
  • 1971 - The Fuzz - The Fuzz (Calla SC-2001)
  • 1996 - Soul of the '60s: Vol. 1[3]


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