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Callander station site geograph-3296618-by-Ben-Brooksbank.jpg
Site of the station in 1986
Place Callander
Area Stirling
Coordinates 56°14′45″N 4°13′06″W / 56.24590°N 4.21825°W / 56.24590; -4.21825Coordinates: 56°14′45″N 4°13′06″W / 56.24590°N 4.21825°W / 56.24590; -4.21825
Original company Callander and Oban Railway
Pre-grouping Callander and Oban Railway
Post-grouping LMSR
Platforms 5
1 July 1858 first station opened
1 June 1870 Second station opened
5 November 1965 Closed
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Callander was a railway station located in Callander, Stirling (district).


The first station was a terminus opened by the Dunblane, Doune and Callander Railway on 1 July 1858. It was closed on 1 June 1870 when the second station was opened along with the first section of the Callander and Oban Railway, between Callander and Glenoglehead (originally named 'Killin').[1] The original terminal station of the Dunblane, Doune and Callander Railway become a goods yard.

The station underwent expansion in 1882.

Closure came on 5 November 1965, when the service between Callander and Dunblane ended as part of the Beeching Axe. The section between Callander and Crianlarich (lower) had been closed on 27 September that year following a landslide at Glen Ogle.

The track through the station was lifted in late 1968 and some demolition work was carried out; the track to the west of the station had been lifted in early 1967.[2] The station building itself was demolished in Spring 1973,[3] and the station site is now a car park, though a small section of the down platform still exists. The cast iron road bridge to the east of the station was infilled in 2012. The impressive iron-work on the bridge was refurbished at the same time as the infilling.

The site of the original Dunblane, Doune and Callander terminal station (latterly goods yard) is now occupied by housing.


The enlarged layout of 1882 was controlled from two signal boxes that opened on 1 August of that year. Both boxes stood on the north side of the line. The East box had 45 levers, while the West box had 27. Both signal boxes closed on 30 October 1965.

Callander & Oban Junction[edit]

Callander & Oban Junction was situated three quarters of a mile east of Callander station. This location marked the beginning of the Callander and Oban Railway, being where it diverged from the older Dunblane, Doune and Callander Railway.

Callander & Oban Junction signal box opened on 1 June 1870. The box was replaced on 2 November 1902 when the line was doubled to Callander station. The replacement box had 27 levers.

On 10 April 1938, the double track line between Callander station and C&O Junction was converted to two single lines. One line became the main single line, and the other was retained as a siding for access to the goods yard. All connections between the two lines at C&O Junction were severed and the signal box there was closed.

All the mileposts on the C&OR were measured from Callander & Oban Junction, including the branch line to Ballachulish and the surviving section of the line, between Crianlarich and Oban.

Preceding station Historical railways Following station
Doune   Dunblane, Doune and Callander Railway
Caledonian Railway
  Line continues
with C&OR
Line continues
with DD&CR
  Callander and Oban Railway
Operated by Caledonian Railway



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