Callao Square

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Callao Square
Plaza del Callao
City of Madrid (18038988892).jpg
View of the square in 2015
NamesakeBattle of Callao
Maintained byAyuntamiento of Madrid
LocationCentro, Madrid, Spain
Postal code28013
Coordinates40°25′12″N 3°42′21″W / 40.419862°N 3.705828°W / 40.419862; -3.705828

The Callao Square (Spanish: plaza del Callao)[1] is located at the centre of the Spanish capital of Madrid.

Shaped in 1861,[2] the square was formally opened in June 1866;[3] its name remembers the May 1866 battle of Callao between the Spanish naval forces under the command of Casto Méndez Núñez and the Peruvian army.[3]

The square was substantially and aggressively reformed in the 21st century.[4] The reform removed nearly all elements present by that time, except the metro station access and a big tree, turning the square into a pedestrian and homogeneus space, while adding a limited number of pieces of urban furniture.[5] Conversely, big screens were added to the surrounding buildings.[5] Located in a very commercial area of the city, the pedestrian space is often for rent to companies wanting to carry out advertising events.[6]



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