Calle-Calle Bridge

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Calle-Calle Bridge
Coordinates 39°49′06″S 73°13′45″W / 39.81833°S 73.22917°W / -39.81833; -73.22917Coordinates: 39°49′06″S 73°13′45″W / 39.81833°S 73.22917°W / -39.81833; -73.22917
Crosses Calle-Calle River
Locale Valdivia, Chile and Las Animas, Chile
Official name Puente Calle-Calle
Maintained by Valdivia municipality [1]
Design Arch

Calle-Calle Bridge is an arch bridge spanning Calle-Calle River, that separates downtown Valdivia from Las Animas a residential area. It allows connection from Valdivia to the airport of Pichoy and to the Pan American Highway.