Calle-Calle River

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Calle-Calle River (Río Calle-Calle)
Origin San Pedro River
Mouth Valdivia River
Basin countries Chile/Argentina
Length 55 km [1]

Calle-Calle River (Mapudungun for lot of Iridaceaes) also called Gudalafquén in Mapudungun, is a river in Valdivia Province, southern Chile. It drains waters from the San Pedro River to the Valdivia River, which in turn flows into Corral Bay on the Pacific Ocean.

The Calle-Calle is the only river in Chile that is considered navigable.

Calle-Calle Bridge crosses the river in the city of Valdivia.


Coordinates: 39°48′07″S 73°12′45″W / 39.80194°S 73.21250°W / -39.80194; -73.21250