Calle 85 (TransMilenio)

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Calle 85
Bogota estación Calle 85.jpg
Virrey Troncal Autonorte Héroes
Location Autopista Norte
with Calle 85
Neighborhood Chapinero and Barrios Unidos
Opened 2001

The simple station Calle 85 is part of the TransMilenio mass-transit system of Bogotá, Colombia, which opened in the year 2000.


The station is located in northern Bogotá, specifically on Autopista Norte with Calle 85.

It serves the Polo Club and Antiguo Country neighborhoods, as well as the shopping areas on Carrera 15 and the nearby Zona Rosa.


After the opening of the Portal de Usme in early 2001, the Autopista Norte line was opened. This station was added as a northerly expansion of that line, which was completed with the opening of the Portal del Norte later that year.

The station is named Calle 85 due to its proximity to that road.

Station Services[edit]

Old trunk services[edit]

Services rendered until April 29, 2006
Kind Routes Frequency
Current C02.png C03.png Every 3 minutes on average
Express Expreso 70 Expreso 100 Expreso 140 Every 2 minutes on average

Main line service[edit]

Service as of April 29, 2006
Type Northwards Southwards Frequency
Every three minutes
Express Monday through Saturday
All day
B10 B11 B13 B14 B23
D10 G11 H13 F14 K23
Every two minutes
Express Monday through Friday
Mixed service, rush and non-rush
B27 B50
H27 C61
Every two minutes
Express Monday through Saturday
Morning rush
Every two minutes
Express Sunday and holidays
B92 B93
H92 H93
Every 3–4 minutes

Feeder routes[edit]

This station does not have connections to feeder routes.

Inter-city service[edit]

This station does not have inter-city service.

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