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Calle Marqués de Larios

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Calle Marqués de Larios
Calle Larios
Former name(s)Calle 14 de abril
NamesakeManuel Domingo Larios y Larios, 2nd Marquess of Larios
TypeShopping street
LocationMálaga, Spain
NorthPlaza de la constitución
SouthAlameda principal
InaugurationAugust 27, 1891 (1891-08-27)
DesignerJosé María de Sancha

Calle Marqués de Larios, also known simply as Calle Larios, is a pedestrian and shopping street in Málaga, Spain.[1][2] The street was inaugurated on 27 August 1891.[3]

It is the most expensive street to live on in Málaga, and the eleventh most expensive to live on in all of Spain.[4]



On 1 May 1880, a corporation was formed by the local government of Málaga to fund the construction of the street. The company needed to raise 1 million pesetas, and sold 40 shares of 25,000 pesetas each. A majority of shares were purchased by the Larios family.[4]

The street was initially designed by architect José María Sancha. Further changes to the design were later made by Manuel Rivera.[4][3]

In 1887, the responsibility for the project was taken on by the Larios family. The street was named after Manuel Domingo Larios y Larios, the 2nd Marquess of Larios. He is also depicted in a statue by Mariano Benlliure on the south end of the street.[4]

Over 1200 laborers worked on the project.

Later history[edit]

During the second republic, the street was briefly renamed "Calle 14 de abril" in honor of the date of the new democracy.[5]

The street was bombed during the Spanish Civil War, though it did not suffer much architectural damage.

In 2002 the street was converted to only allow foot traffic.[4]


Much of the street's buildings were designed by Spanish architect Eduardo Strachan Viana-Cárdenas, who was greatly influenced by the architecture of the city of Chicago.[3][6]

Festivals and Events[edit]

Calle Larios decorated for Christmas in 2016

The street hosts many of the city's top events,[3] including Málaga Fashion Week.[7]

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