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Calligra Flow
Screenshot of Kivio 1.4.2
Screenshot of Kivio 1.4.2
Stable release3.2.0 (18 November 2019; 10 days ago (2019-11-18)[1]) [±]
Operating systemUnix-like, Windows
TypeDiagramming software
LicenseGNU General Public License

Calligra Flow (formerly Kivio) is free diagramming software that is a part of Calligra Suite, an integrated graphic art and office suite by KDE.


Flow is a flowcharting and diagramming application for the Calligra Suite and has a user interface that is similar to Microsoft Visio. It is fully integrated into Calligra and can for example be embedded into Calligra Words.


  • Scriptable stencils using Python.
  • Support for Dia stencils.
  • Plugin framework for adding more functionality.


Kivio was originally developed by theKompany who brought the source code of a Linux-only version into KOffice under GPL. A proprietary version also compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 and Windows 9xXP was also released under the name Kivio mp.[2] The last release of Kivio mp was version 3.0, made in December 2004.[3] That release was based on Qt 3.[4]

The GPL versions followed the version scheme of KOffice. The last stable version was 1.6.3, released on June 8, 2007.[5] Since then Kivio continued to be developed without maintainer and no stable releases seeing the light of day.

After the split of the KOffice developer community in 2010,[6] the Kivio code was imported into the newly formed Calligra project and picked up by a new maintainer who renamed the application to Calligra Flow. A stable release was made along with the rest of Calligra Suite 2.4.

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