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Calligra Plan
Calligra Plan icon.svg
Calligra Plan 2.4 screenshot.png
Plan todo list and task settings
Developer(s) KDE
Stable release (20 December 2016; 5 months ago (2016-12-20)[1]) [±]
Written in C++ (Qt, KDE Platform), Java[2]
Operating system Unix-like, Windows
Type Project management
License GNU Lesser General Public License

Calligra Plan (formerly KPlato) is a project management application that can create Gantt-style charts and is part of Calligra Suite – formerly included with KOffice.


Work on Plan was started in 2004 under the name KPlato (K PLAnning TOol). The first release was in April 2004 as part of KOffice 1.5. In 2010 KPlato 2.2 was released with KOffice 2.2. Among its new features was the possibility to use Kexi’s new Report Designer that replaces KOffice 1.6’s Kugar application.[3][4] Later that year, the software changed its name from KPlato to Plan and migrated from KOffice to Calligra. On 11 April 2012 Calligra Suite 2.4 along with the first release under the Calligra Plan branding was made available.[5]

After the 2.4 release, optional Java-based file format converters for Microsoft Project and other formats were added.[2]


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